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Mao Inoue and Jun Matsumoto’s Enduring Relationship

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Several Japanese sites have claimed Mao Inoue and Jun Matsumoto dated for over a decade and ended their relationship. Apart from that, many engagement rumors and wedding rumors circulated on the internet.

But the actor and actress never responded to those rumors. Once a year, the online site came up with a new update on their relationship.

Mao Inoue and Jun Matsumoto Met in 2005

Mao Inoue and Jun Matsumoto met for the first time when they worked together on the drama Hana Yori Dango in 2005. Friday Digital claimed that the couple began dating from there.

Arama Japan alleged that Matsumoto and Inoue were present at the Hawaii wedding of actress Oguri Shun and Yamada Yu in 2013.

The couple went on dates numerous times. An online celebrity Hallyuback site also claimed that the pair went out for dinner in 2013.

It also asserted that Jun Matsumoto worked for Johny’s Entertainment (Johnny’s Jimusho), and the company opposed their relationship. So, the majority of women’s magazines were pressured not to report it.

Also, it has been claimed that the company was against their relationship because it wasn’t going to allow one of its hottest stars to openly acknowledge that he was off the market.

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Mao and Jun Matsumoto Alleged Engagement in 2015

Inoue and Jun gained a lot of attention for the alleged announcement of their engagement, which was set to occur by the end of 2015.

Apart from the engagement, the wedding speculation of the couple heated the internet. The wedding was scheduled to take place once Mao’s drama’s filming wrapped up in September 2016.

Johnny’s Jimusho, who had been opposed to their relationship, had apparently reluctantly accepted it.

Jun Matsumoto and Mao Inoue [Photo: Pinterest/Pinterest]

The couple’s relationship had already been nine years at that time, as reported by a reporter for a women’s magazine. Nevertheless, Inoue reportedly responded to those rumors.

Mao Dispelled the Relationship and Marriage Rumors

According to A Koala’s Playground, later in 2017, tabloid sources stated that Jun had been having an affair with the actress Tsukasa Aoi.

When the reporter approached her in front of her house, Mao answered a few questions about whether she intended to retire, given that she switched agencies last year after completing her Taiga and hadn’t worked on an acting project since.

She confirmed that she wasn’t retiring and had no plans for it. The reporter also inquired as to whether she had any immediate plans to wed Jun.

The actress clarified that she couldn’t comment until she talked with her agency. Finally, she addressed the rumor when the reporter asked about Jun cheating rumors with an actress.

Mao laughed and said she was amazed at how creatively internet users were making things up.

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Jun and Aoi Were Rumored to Be Dating Another Actress

After Tsukasa Aoi and Jun were spotted together near Jun’s residence, the rumors about their dating gained more momentum.

The relationship was reportedly been going on for the past four years as of 2018. According to Arama Japan, they allegedly met through a mutual friend and began a close relationship.

They supposedly began dating in December 2012 but allegedly broke up for a brief time before getting back together.

According to Arashi English Sub, Jun was the one who tried to get back to her. Since the couple got back together, they tend to take the alleged relationship more seriously.

In addition, further rumors spread that the couple was already living together. Furthermore, on Aoi’s Instagram account, she once uploaded a now-deleted picture of a mushroom.

In Japanese, it refers to the same Matsu, a part of Jun’s name. The fact that the post was deleted as soon as it garnered a lot of interest from Jun’s followers.

It drew much attention because the fans were calling Jun the very same type of mushroom as his nickname due to one of his appearances on a TV show.

Well, neither Mao nor Jun nor Tsukasa have spoken about these rumors. So, it is not sure if they are legit information or just some hoax.