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Ben Soffer’s Loving Relationship With His Parents

Himal Ale Magar


Ben Soffer, whose parents might seem to be private individuals, is relatively open about his personal life.

The internet personality has mentioned them throughout the years and is grateful for their contribution to his growth.

He Is Close with His Parents

The content creator was born to father Bruce Soffer and mother Ava Lang Soffer in March 1992. Ben is 31 years old as of this writing.

Over the years, the social media influencer has kept in touch and shown gratitude towards his folks. For instance, he wished Ava on Mother’s Day, expressing his love and affection for his mom.

On the other hand, Ben has also shared a beautiful note on Father’s Day on his Instagram account. The influencer stated his dad was his best friend and credited him for all the love and guidance.

Besides, the founder meets with his family every year to celebrate several occasions and events.

Ben Soffer With His Parents And Sister [Photo: Instagram]

For instance, Ben and his family, including his wife Claudia Oshry, celebrated his 27th birthday in 2019. His mother, Ava, shared the occasion on Instagram, expressing her joy and love for her son and daughter-in-law.

The founder and his wife love to spend time with his family. They have gone out together several times and attended auspicious events together.

Ben, along with his father, mother, and sister Maddy, were present at his sister-in-law’s wedding, Olivia Oshry and Zachary Shapiro, who shared their wedding vows in December 2021.

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His Parents Are Together for More Than Three Decades

Ben’s father and mother are happily married for 39 years. The couple tied the wedding knot in July 1984. Despite all these years, the couple seems to be going strong and madly in love with one another.

Ben’s parents At Their Wedding [Photo: Instagram]

Even after all these years of being married, they never fail to have a date night and enjoy each other’s company. For instance, the two had a fantastic date night watching a show at Paramount, Huntington.

Furthermore, apart from Ben, the Soffer couple are also proud dad and mom of their daughter, Maddy Soffer. They raised their babies with immense love and care.

His Folks Are Professional Caterers

Ben’s father graduated from the French Culinary Institute, where he obtained his culinary certificate in 1994. He later joined the New York Academy of Sciences in 1995 and showcased his dramatic presentation and unique flavor.

Before that, he attended Bialik School from 1967 to 1972 and graduated from Stony Brook/Fashion Institute of Technology with a degree in Bachelor of Science in 1982.

Eventually, Ben’s father formed Chef’s Table, Ltd. in 1996, which offered lavish on-site corporate events and glamorous home dinner parties.

Further, Bruce’s wife operated in the company as a Head of Design and floral, and together, they turned Chef’s Table into an exclusive caterer and premier floral service provider.

The hard work and dedication of the couple have earned them several reviews and accolades from the industry.

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Sister Works in Real Estate

Ben’s sister, Maddy Soffer, works as an associate at Kassin Sabbagh Realty as of this writing. She started as a Retail Leasing Intern in December 2020 and was promoted in May 2021.

Before starting her career in real estate, she worked as Director of Communication in BFD Media and Communication Coordinator at the University of Maryland Robotics Center.

In addition, she was an intern at Kings County Supreme Court and a Marketing and Public Relations Intern at SHADOW.

Ben’s Sister Is A Real Estate Associate [Photo: Instagram]

Maddy attended Abraham Joshua Heschel School and completed her studies for a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Maryland.

Similar to his folks, Ben has a strong bond with his sister. They have appreciated each other since their childhood.

Both loved to spend time with each other; for instance, the influencer and Maddy watched a basketball game together in 2016.

Further, he does not fall back on wishing her a happy birthday every year and even congratulated Maddy on her graduation.