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Celina Spooky Boo Reveals About Her Husband’s Head Injury

Himal Ale Magar


The sleep-walking Tiktok star Celina broke down in tears when she shared about her husband Adam Myers’ head injury to her fans.

The breakout star with over 25 million followers on Tiktok revealed the head injury Adam suffered and how he became “a shell of who he was.”

The social media sensation, whose real name is Celina Myers, met her husband when they were a teenager. The famed internet sensation is renowned for telling pun-filled jokes to her husband.

Celina And Her Husband Adam On Their Wedding [Photo: Instagram]

Having amassed a tremendous fan following in the span of just three years, Celina stated that the accident changed their lives forever.

Celina added the accident was no laughing matter. According to her, Adam still struggled and had medical complications after the accident.

How Did Celina’s Husband Suffer the Head Injury?

In 2017, Adam suffered a serious head injury after hitting his head on a pole in their garden. According to the reports by Eonline, Celina teared up remembering the incident, sharing with her fans, “I don’t think Adam has a quality of life.”

Celina added that her husband could put on his clothes and feed himself but suffered pounding headaches. As a result, this caused Adam to struggle to sleep and was uncomfortable around loud noises and bright lights.

The injury also led Celina’s husband to showcase symptoms such as nauseous and dizziness. So, her hubby did not socialize and rarely left the house.

As per the same report, “There’s never a moment that he’s comfortable,” she continued. “He has to be in his room and he can’t do anything with his arms. Everything makes him worse at this point.”

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Has Celinas’ Huband Adam Recovered?

According to Celina, her husband was once “the life of the party,” but since the accident, he was always in pain and was unable to do the things he used to love.

She added that Adam was her best friend, and it was hard for her to see him fade away. The host of the paranormal podcast The Haunted Estate also noted that Adam saw numerous doctors for his condition.

Sadly, none of the treatments prescribed had worked and only made things worse for him. So, Celina planned to enroll her husband at a treatment center in Utah, which would help Adam heal from his illness and injury.

According to Eonline, Celina said, “I just want him back, It’s been five years and it’s just never been this bad.”

Celina Spooky Boo and her husband Adam. (Photo: Instagram)

Further, the TikToker explained the love and affection she was getting from her fans. Celina stated, “I appreciate how much you guys love him. He appreciates it.”

“So, hopefully, some people don’t ask me because then immediately I just want to start crying.” She added, “I know Adam wants to be there. He’s my biggest cheerleader.”

Recently, she updated her fans that her husband, Adam, was getting much better via her Instagram post. Celina added that the two were off on an adventure in LA.

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Celina Met Adam with the Help of a Psychic

The self-described “weirdo” shared she got committed to Adam with the help of a psychic. The couple have been together for 13 years.

When questioned about how they became inseparable, Celina admitted to calling a psychic to guide her.

After just breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, Celina decided to ask the psychic who she would commit and marry.

According to the reports by The Sun, the psychic replied that Celina would marry Adam. The guy would have blue eyes and brow hair and would be older than her and not her type at all.

With the information, she reached out to her friend and found Adam just like the psychic had described, and it’s been thirteen years, recalled Celina.

Her fans were ecstatic when she shared her story, “You listened and got to the point, you said no more delays universe, this is my man, let’s find him! Loooove it!” said one of her fans, as per the reports by The Sun.

Why the Couple Does Not Have Any Kids?

The popular TikToker and her husband Adam do not have any Kids. The couple were expecting a baby six months after their marriage. Sadly, the couple suffered a miscarriage.

She added that it was also what triggered her Meniere’s disease. Even after trying a couple of times, the couple could not get pregnant. So, she reached out to a fertility clinic.

But the test showed there were no problems and the doctor believed it should not have been happening. They suggested Celina and her husband try IVF.

Unfortunately, the TikTok star suffered two miscarriages. Celina went on to spread awareness regarding infertility and miscarriage in a TikTok video on Mother’s Day.

In the video, she revealed the loss of her two babies and honored them. The babies she lost were remembered in a memorial forest, where trees were planted as a “living memorial to the memory of our loved ones.

Celina kneeled in front of the pine trees and whispered to the camera, “I hear you,” as if she was speaking to the ones watching who might share the same pain.

@celinaspookyboo For the ones experiencing infertility, miscarriage and childloss this Mother’s Day. I know the silence is deafening #mothersday #iamoneinfour ♬ original sound – CelinaSpookyBoo

In the caption, Myers wrote, “For the ones experiencing infertility, miscarriage, and childloss this Mother’s Day. I know the silence is defeaning #mothersday #iamoneinfour x2.”

She tagged, “IAmOneInFour,” as a reference to how many pregnancies end in miscarriage. The comments that her video got, it seems like it spoke to people globally.

One user wrote, “I thought I was the only one. I go visit my baby in the woods every Mother’s Day.” Likewise, another user penned, “Thank you, from one angel mom to another.”