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The 9-1-1 Star Gavin McHugh’s Family: Has Supportive Parents and Siblings

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The relationship between the 9-1-1 star Gavin McHugh and his family shows that one doesn’t need any blood ties to be related. He was adopted at the age of two and a half from Riga, Latvia, by his adoptive parents, Michael McHugh and Lisa McHugh.

Unfortunately, there are no details on who Gavin McHugh’s biological parents are. Nevertheless, the talented and inspiring actor has embarked on a journey with his new family making tons of memories along the way.

Has a Supportive Family

As stated above, Gavin was adopted by Michael and Lisa when he was two and a half-year-old. He is the youngest among five in his family.

The talented actor has got two elder brothers, Flynn McHugh and Logan McHugh, and two elder sisters, Shea McHugh and Lia McHugh.

Many might already know that Gavin McHugh lives with cerebral palsy. When he was just starting kindergarten, his family decided to move to Los Angeles from Atlanta in 2015.

Gavin McHugh with his parents and siblings. [Source: Instagram]

They took that decision to pursue better acting opportunities for the older McHugh siblings. On the other hand, Gavin was fighting to overcome several physical limitations caused by his cerebral palsy.

He was also adapting to new physical therapists and school life. Furthermore, Gavin also used to tag along with his brothers and sisters for their auditions.

And after some time, the 9-1-1 star asked for his own audition. It was surprising at first, but Gavin started getting many opportunities.

In addition, he and his family have appeared in national commercials for multiple events and organizations, including Lincoln Financial, Walmart, and Adventist Health.

The adorable folks share a loving bond with one another. They also help Gavin to memorize lines, and his father calls it a family affair.

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Meet Gavin’s Parents

Besides being proud parents, there is not much about Gavin’s father, Michael, and mother, Lisa. Michael once did post a photo captioned “‘86 US Naval Academy,” suggesting he might have been in the Navy.

However, according to IMDb, he used to play for Texas Rangers in the minor leagues as a left-handed pitcher.

All in all, Michael and Lisa have shown the true essence of being parents. With their support, all of their children are doing well, and they must be proud of how they have grown.

The lovely family has also got a joint Instagram account dedicated to their shenanigans run by their mother Lisa. The posts are mostly about the kids, their outings, and their lovely pets.

Gavin McHugh is the youngest of five children. [Photo: Instagram]

Gavin is not the only actor in his family. In fact, acting is a family affair of the McHughs.

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Meet His Talented Brothers and Sisters

Among Gavin McHugh’s four siblings, Lia Ryan McHugh is the most popular one. She was born on the 18th of November 2005 and has appeared in multiple acting projects.

Alongside her many roles, she is best known for the portrayal of Sprite in the film Eternals of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU.) Her other acting prowess can be seen in Baby Blue, A House on the Bayou, Songbird, and American Woman.

She also has a massive fan following with over 195k followers on her Instagram.

The McHugh family’s oldest kid Flynn is also a top-notch actor. A casting director discovered the Pittsburgh-born star when he was on the “Young Actor Playhouse” stage.

Gavin’s oldest brother made his debut in the TV movie A History of Radness and later on appeared in The 5th Wave, Hot Summer Nights, and Shameless. The handsome Flynn is also currently dating his love girlfriend Alondra.

Just like their other siblings, Shea McHugh and Logan McHugh have also appeared in multiple acting projects.

Gavin’s sister Shea has appeared in Miracles from Heaven, Powers, and The Music Teacher, while his brother Logan has appeared in Survivor’s Remorse, Hot Summer Nights, Your Worst Nightmare, and XQ Super School Love.

In the end, it is evident that Gavin McHugh was adopted by a kind and loving family. With how his career is progressing, he will surely reach way beyond his expectations with his family’s support.