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Doug Marcaida Is a Married Man with Three Kids

Himal Ale Magar


Doug Marcaida has been an inspirational figure to his children ever since they were little. Further, the martial artist and his wife have raised their sons and inspired them to achieve their dreams.

Doug’s partner has always supported him and their sons over the years. Moreover, the skilled martial artist is not hesitant to share his love and affection for his children and spouse, as he has mentioned them in several of his social media posts.

Doug Marcaida Is Happily Married

The martial artist first shared a picture of his wife, Joelle, back in December 2008. Since then, he has not held back from talking about her on his social media platforms like Facebook.

Similarly, he has a close relationship with Joelle’s father as well. He once sat down with his father-in-law and went through his early life. While doing that, he also learned more about the old man and Joelle’s family.

Besides, Marcaida has also expressed that he got in the habit of reading as he found himself listening to his wife reading to their kids.

Doug Marcaida’s Wife With Their Son [Photo: Facebook]

Despite being a major celebrity in the scene of martial arts and weapon forgery, Marcaida has maintained a private married life. He has not made many public appearances with his wife.

Nonetheless, Marcaida’s better half has often shown several gestures of affection. For instance, Marcaida shared that his wife did not let him spend his birthday alone. And on the special occasion, she sent their youngest son to surprise him on his birthday.

Besides, the 57-year-old has not disclosed any information about his married life. So, the details regarding how they met and when they married remain unanswered as well.

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Doug Marcaida’s Sons Are All Grown up Now

In their several years of togetherness, the couple welcomed three children. Marcaida has always been vocal about his love and affection for his sons.

Regarding his kids, Marcaida revealed that his eldest son Alex worked as a Flight Paramedic. Likewise, his second son Douglas James Marcaida is a military man and is in the Marines.

On the other hand, Jaden Marcaida is the youngest among Marcaida’s kids. According to the information provided in his Linkedin profile, Jaden graduated from John Carroll University.

Doug Marcaida With His Son Jaden [Photo: Facebook]

Further, as per his bio, Jaden is a Finance Major and Aspiring Private Equity Associate as of this writing.

All in all, the weapon expert has updated his fans and followers about his children. In one of his posts, Marcaida expressed that his sons were blessings in disguise and a gift.

Marcaida added that his children were his motivation and were the reason behind his dedication at work. Similarly, he misses hanging out with his kids, considering they all have grown up and are busy with their lives.

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Doug Marcaida Founded Kali

Marcaida was born in the Philippines and developed his passion for martial arts at the age of 8. However, he did not start training formally until he was 16 years old, and by the age of 25, he discovered his newfound love for Filipino Martial Arts.

After coming to the United States, he served eight years in the US Airforce and worked as Respiratory Therapist for 20 years. Moreover, the weapon expert had also been shining his skills as a mixed martial artist as well.

Eventually, Marcaida developed his own style of Filipino Martial Arts called Marcaida Kali. He founded the style with the aim of celebrating his passion.

Kali is a Marcaida’s interpretation of several Southeast Asian styles of martial arts, which he was personally trained for. He took the knowledge he learned and made a teachable system where he could instruct his form of martial art.