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Jon Bellion Is Married! Said His Wife Has a Great Influence on Him

Himal Ale Magar


Jon Bellion has always been secretive about his relationship. But since the release of the song “Conversations with My Wife,” the rumors about his love life came to a halt.

So, is the singer married? Are Bellion’s songs about his wife?

Bellion Confirmed He Has a Wife

For years, fans were puzzled regarding who the singer might be committed to. His relationship status and married life were discussed in forums like Reddit.

However, the singer later revealed that he was married in a Twitter post in September 2018. At the time, a Twitter user claimed her close friend had told her that Bellion was, in fact, a married man.

In the respective tweet, Bellion admitted that he was married and sarcastically congratulated the fan for solving the mystery.

Jon Bellion Confirmed He Has A Wife [Photo: Genius]

However, the tweet has now been deleted, and his fans can no longer have access to it anymore.

Further, several of his fans have come forward, confirming the singer is married. For instance, one Reddit user noted that Bellion confirmed he had a wife at the afterparty of his live-stream concert.

Similarly, another netizen claimed that they had the pleasure of meeting the partner of the singer and said she was a lovely lady.

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The Singer Has Mentioned His Wife in Many Songs

Over the years, the artist has mentioned a wife in his music, such as “To My Future Wife” in 2013, and had talked about having a wife in his song “Pre-Occupied.”

So, could it be Bellion has dedicated the lyrics of “Conversations with My Wife” to his spouse? For instance, during the song, he asks her questions regarding her commitment to the relationship and him.

Moreover, the artist lets his other half know how much she truly means to him. Bellion denotes that he cares about her more than all his awards and achievements.

The singer has also added that she was the only thing he has ever done right in his life. Further, in the song’s chorus, Bellion asks his spouse if she would still love him the same.

His partner meant more to the artist than anything else; he even mentioned that he was ready to run from the spotlight.

Moreover, the artist once indicated that his wife played a role in his life, and she influenced Bellion’s life decisions.

He added, “Honestly, I just came to the conclusion after having a conversation with my wife and with people around me that I have to do what’s going to keep me mentally sane, and whatever comes from that, it is what it is.”

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He Had a Girlfriend

Despite keeping his personal and relationship life private, the singer was speculated to be in a relationship back in 2015 with an American actress and model.

The individual in question was none other than Melanie Iglesias. The speculations regarding their relationship gained momentum when Bellion referred to Melanie as his girl in a tweet, which is now deleted.

At the time, Melanie was watching Mean Girls with the singer’s brother in his studio.

Jon Bellion’s Ex-Girlfriend Melanie Iglesias [Photo: Instagram]

Furthermore, the rumor heated when the model mentioned that the artist made her birthday celebration special. The tweet featured a picture of Melanie and Bellion with a birthday cake and a large bouquet of roses.

Sadly, the former pair decided to go their separate way. Also, they have not commented on the reason behind their fallout.

Moreover, the artist has revealed that his song “Immigrant” was inspired by the affair he had with a British singer when he was in London.

Similarly, Bellion also stated the inspiration for the song “Waves of Loneliness” was his ex-girlfriend. The artist mentioned in a deleted tweet during a question-and-answer session with a fan.