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Hannah Stella Announced Divorce from Husband

Dinesh Shrestha


Social media influencer Hannah Stella mustered up the courage to announce her split from her husband. It had been three years of their marriage when they ended their relationship.

The former couple had a good bonding and lived happily. Even a few days before announcing her split, she happily posted her video on Tiktok.

Declared Her Divorced Through Tiktok

Netizens who followed her every step of their relationship might know that she always posted “life as a housewife” in her Tiktok video after being married.

But in the month of June 2022, she only uploaded a few videos. So, folks started to wonder what happened to her and why she wasn’t active on social media.

Therefore, at the end of June, she posted a video to update people. The social media influencer penned in the caption that she had been going through something.

“I love you all so much I am so thankful for you I will be back so soon, and I will tell you the whole story,” she said in the video. Then in July, she uploaded heartbreaking news.


I love you guys. Whether you chose to respect my privacy or not i hope youll respect him. Xx

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She uploaded a video saying, “My husband and I are separating. I don’t think it’s respectful or appropriate as I’ve always kept my relationship private, and I’m going to keep the details of this situation private, and we’ll see what happens.”

Moreover, Stella professed, “Let me tell you just the number one thing I’ve learned from this relationship and the last little bit of time in my life, which is that in the moment, it can feel kind to hide your feelings from somebody because you think it’s making them happy.”

She continued saying, “But it’s not fair, it’s not the right thing, and the people who you love deserve to know what’s going on.”

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Got Married in January 2019

Hannah Stella and her husband, Patrick, tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony in January 2019 in New York City. Interestingly, she also had made a wedding rule prior to the wedding.

She also displayed her stunning wedding ring on Instagram after walking down the aisle. She then started a Tiktok video showing her life as a housewife and content creator.

Hannah Stella and her husband, Patrick Stella [Photo: Instagram]

Five months after being married, they also purchased their ideal home. The lovely couple had looked at more than 100 apartments over 18 months. Stella said that before that, they spent her eight years in her tiny apartment, which was uncomfortable for her.

“And it’s honestly my dream in my favorite neighborhood on my favorite block with my perfect kitchen & a rooftop! I don’t know what I did in another life for this karma, but I am so emotional and happy and absolutely blessed,” she penned in the caption.

The couple also celebrated their six-month anniversary same time. The social media personality professed that he was a better husband than she could have imagined.

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Got Engaged in 2018

The couple first met in 2016 in a bar and started dating each other. She had just turned 25 at that time. As time passed, their bond got stronger day by day. At that time, her husband had a small finance business.

Then the couple also went on a tour in Rome, Italy, the same year. After dating for two years, she knew that they were going to be engaged.

Then two and a half years later, they got engaged. In November 2018, she also posted her picture with her husband and said she was engaged.

“Last night, we dressed up as a couples of bon vivants and decided to get hitched,” she composed in the caption. And two months later, the couple got married.