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All About Booka600, An Artist on the Grind

Prasiddha Gautam


Booka600 is an American Rapper who has released some popular songs like Relentless, Phase, and Skrt Off. He is mainly known for underground music and drill music.

As a result of his growing fame, people have been wondering about his personal details.

Booka600 Real Name and Age

Booka was born on January 6, 1995, and grew up along with famous rapper Durk Derrick Banks, AKA Lil Durk. The 28-year-old hailed from the vibrant city of Chicago, Illinois.

Many of the curious fans have discussed his real name. Some say it’s Boobakar Mamadoo, while others say Bartholomew or Xavier. But, the man himself has kept it hidden.

On the other hand, as per Genius, Booka600 is associated with 600, a Black Disciples set, which is located on the 6000 block of South King Drive. This is also the inspiration behind his stage name.

Booka on Mr. Jay Hills’ podcast [Photo- Youtube]

What’s interesting is that he was introduced to hip-hop by his mother, who was a fan of the genre. Booka wasn’t sure himself but thinks that he started rapping at about the age of 8.

During an interview with Mr. Jay Hill Network podcast, the artist talked about his early life in the rough streets of Chicago.

He said, “Growing up 13, 14, you’re going to have a gun, regardless of who put it in your hand, because that’s the life, the way that [expletive] go there.”

Booka expressed that everybody wanted to hit somebody because of the chaotic energy surging in the streets he grew up in.

The artist explained that he was influenced by Durk to get out of the erratic environment of Chicago to pursue his dream.

Booka continued his musical journey as he released his first song, Man Down, on November 27, 2011. As per the YouTube statistics, the song Relentless, where he has featured his cousin, Durk, is his most popular.

Booka Gave tribute to King Von’s Death

Dayvon Daquan Bennett, AKA King Von, who grew together with Booka on the streets of Chicago, passed away on November 6, 2020, in Atlanta, Georgia.

As reported by TMZ, the professional investigators believed that he got caught in the gunfire between the two groups and confirmed that he wasn’t shot by the Police Department Officer of Atlanta.

Booka released a song named Apart on March 6, 2021, in memory of his childhood homie, who was like a family to him.

The lyrics written in the song explained about their time on the streets of Chicago. The one line from the song,” We done shared the same sweaters, same shoes, and same beretta,” conveys that Von and Booka shared hardships and sweet moments together.

Further, the artist united all the families from Chicago hoods with the line, “From the hood, I’m from the hood, we are from the hood.” King Von had produced a song named Jet, where he featured the Booka.

All in all, King Von held a special place in the heart of Booka, which he conveyed to the fans who were mourning the loss of the rapper.

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Booka600’s Net Worth Explored

Booka has a YouTube channel where he has gained more than 38 million views. The artist has uploaded 53 videos in total, and as reported by the Social Blade, he earns around $1,400 to $21,700 yearly.

Booka is gaining fame on YouTube [Photo- Instagram]

His YouTube channel received a B- overall grade. From speculation, Booka has an estimated net worth of more than $100,000.

Likewise, he might have earned a commendable sum from his musical ventures.

Thus, the artist might have amassed a considerable net worth to his name. As seen on YouTube, Booka’s fame is rising, so his net worth is expected to rise.

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Booka and His Girlfriend Share a Son

Booka affectionately expressed his love for his girl on his social media handles. He wrote, “Happy birthday, baby @Miyarbro_. It’s something new with you every day, I love to enjoy you”.

Booka shares a Son with his Girlfriend Mia [Photo- Instagram/Instagram]

Then his partner, Mia, replied to that tweet, “Thank you, baby, I love you more! Always making my day special”.

The artist and his girlfriend were gifted with a baby boy in August 2021. Their baby boy’s name is Dakota, who is currently 2 years old.

On the occasion of their kid’s second birthday, Mia tweeted, “Happy birthday to my son, the best thing that’s happened to me.” The parent’s love and affection is seen prominently on their Instagram posts.