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Marilyn Denis and Husband: Marrying Her Prom Love

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Marilyn Denis eventually found her prom love after forty years and got married to her husband in an intimate wedding ceremony.

Initially, the couple parted ways when Jim Helman moved from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Nashville, Tennessee.

Then after four decades, Marilyn and James met, and he ultimately confronted his love for her with no hesitance on a perfect moonlit night.

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Met Her Husband For the First Time in Eighth Grade

The story started when James moved from Baltimore, Maryland, to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1971 on Christmas day.

One year later, Marilyn and James met in eighth-grade homeroom at Ingomar Junior High School in 1972.

“In 1975, Jim, who lived down the street, asked me to prom,” Marilyn explained. Their first date took place in high school junior prom in Pittsburgh.

The two attended the prom as good friends. The couple had a great time dancing and catching up with friends there.

Marilyn Denis and Jim Helman [Photo: Instagram]

Sadly, the couple parted ways when he moved away from there.

“We had a blast, and he moved away,” she clarified.

Marilyn and Her Husband Re-connected After 40 Years

The pair ultimately re-connected when James thought of Marilyn after 40 years while driving to the Pittsburgh airport after visiting his parents.

He searched for her online and learned about her remarkable career on television and radio. Then he wrote an email to her to congratulate Marilyn for her successful career.

After that, they began to chat frequently, and a year later, they met for lunch. It was at that moment the pair thought that their relationship could be more than just a friendship.

Marilyn Married Her High School Prom Date

Then they traveled to Carmel, California, in May 2018. The couple stayed in a beautiful hotel overlooking the Pacific Ocean. 

As expected, the pair had a romantic dinner at a French restaurant. Later, after having dinner, they returned to their hotel.

James had decided to propose and was looking for a place in the hotel garden to propose to her. Sadly, he found that about loud party of hotel guests had subjugated the garden.

Then as he returned to ascend the beautiful, long, and flower-draped stairs, he saw Marilyn at the top of the staircase.

Marilyn’s face was showered by moonlight, and it was the perfect time for him. He took the chance and popped the question then and there.

Then after the engagement, the pair decided to take the next step in their relationship. Finally, the couple married in Toronto City on June 19, 2018.

Her son Adam and her daughter-in-law Caprice attended their wedding. They had a pre-honeymoon in London, England, and the couple celebrated their honeymoon in Barbados.

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Couple Celebrated Fifth Anniversary This Year

The couple celebrated their five years of togetherness after marriage this year on June 20.

Sharing her and James’ picture on Instagram, she captioned, “Today is our 5th wedding anniversary.”

Seeing the post, people congratulated me in the comment section. One user penned, “Happy Anniversary cheers to many many more.”

Marilyn and James are a perfect couple. James also posted their picture back in 2020 on Valentine’s Day and said, “Your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me.”

Marilyn Denis and her husband, Jim Helman, celebrated five years of togetherness this year [Photo: Instagram]

The Canadian radio personality Meredith Shaw also wrote in the comment section: “Time flies when you’re having fun with the love of your life! Still my fave story, Happy 5 M & J.”

Further, he continued, “But bear this in mind, it was meant to be. And I’m joinin’ up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks, And it all makes sense to me.”