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Bob Muyskens Celebrates His Genius Wife

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Bob Muyskens doesn’t shy away from flaunting his genius wife, Amanda Muyskens or Mandy, as she is known amongst her loved ones.

Bob wasn’t exaggerating when he called her a genius, either. Mandy is a scientist and an expert in the MuyGPyS algorithm.

She and her team were the brilliant minds behind this breakthrough technology that helped astronomers and astrophysicists make sense of unbelievably large data sets.

It made the data easier to process for supercomputers.

The Multi-talented Wife of The YouTube Creator

In a YouTube video on their joint channel, the couple revealed that they officially became boyfriend and girlfriend the night before the Harry Potter premiere, i.e., on July 14, 2011.

The couple dated for a few years before finally tying the knot on June 28, 2014.

A year later, the scientist put up a post on her Twitter reliving moments from their beautiful wedding. The wife claimed that she was unbelievably lucky to have Bob as her husband and that she loved him more and more with each passing day.

The doting wife regularly puts up pictures on her socials to celebrate her relationship, and the sweetheart husband reciprocates.

Mrs. Muyskens Is an Accomplished Academic

Based on Mr. Muysekns wife’s LinkedIn profile, the Ohio native’s wife has an extensive academic career. She had a double Bachelor’s degree. In 2013, she completed her Bachelor of Music from the University of Cincinnati.

Mrs. Muyskens also completed her Bachelor of Science in the same year from the same University. Later from North Carolina State University, she was a graduate in the year 2018. The subject was not mentioned in her LinkedIn profile.

Bob Muyskens and his wife Amanda [Photo: Instagram]

The Popular gamer’s wife, Amanda, had Ph.D. in statistics and is a big-time music nerd. Despite her talent, she was never in the limelight like her husband until she first appeared on YouTube in October 2014 for an impromptu live stream.

Statistician Amanda Muyskens was once featured on YouTube, where she talked about Understanding the Universe With Applied Statistics.

Amanda worked as a Postdoctoral researcher from June 2019 to February 2021. Later she moved to Research Staff Member and has worked there until now. Both of the positions were held at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

When did the couple get married, and did they have a child from their marriage?

Facts About Their Wedding And If They Had a Child

The lucky couple tied their special knot on June 28, 2014. Before their marriage, they had been dating since 2011.

Bob posted about his wedding on Instagram with his long-time girlfriend, where his friends were also present. He looked happy and excited about his marriage.

According to Mrs. Muyskens’ Twitter, the lovely couple had a son named James, born on December 10, 2022.

Mandy posted about her son, who tried puree for the first time. The image showed that their son enjoyed the puree.

On 15 March 2023, the gamer Bob posted about his son, who started to sleep in his room alone for the first time. The influencer was very happy. He became excited and shared the information with his fans.

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Their Pet Dog, Lex, Is Their Baby

The couple also has a pet dog Lex whom they adore and lovingly call Baby.

The YouTuber Bob and his wife treated their dog as a part of their family and, with love, called it Baby even though its name is Lex, based on the YouTuber’s Instagram.

On May 2, 2017, Lex turned five years old, and the family celebrated its birthday. Muyskens posted it in his social feed so his fans would be aware.

Looking at Bob and Amanda’s social feed, they look delighted with their life and their current achievements. A gorgeous wife with a genius mind makes any husband jolly and creative anytime.