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Jackson Hinkle Has Supportive Parents

Himal Ale Magar


Jackson’s Hinkle has made a name for himself because of his work. He couldn’t be here if it hadn’t been for the support of his parents, who have appreciated his work over the years.

Keeping aside their banter on Twitter, Jackson appears to be getting along well with his folks. They are proud of what he has been doing.

Jackson’s Parents Encourage Him

His parents supported him as the YouTube host kicked off his career. Jackson’s parents were vocal and supported him as he strived for success.

For instance, in May 2017, the internet personality’s mother expressed her joy when he was interviewed by the news channel KTLA 5.

Jackson’s Father Showing His Support [Post: Facebook]

Similarly, his father was proud of him when he ran for the San Clemente City Council. Further, he commended the streamer’s YouTube hiking vlog in 2020. However, the video is not available as of this writing.

Besides, the streamer has not mentioned his parents except occasionally. For instance, he replied to a deleted tweet, commenting, “Scottsdale, my parents live there.” The context of the post remains unknown as of this writing.

Jason Had a Knack for Surfing

Jackson Hinkle graduated from San Clemente High School. As a kid, he loved playing guitar and had a band named Ninjas, which he formed with his friends.

His last upload on his YouTube channel, Jackson Hinkle, was in November 2014.

Apart from playing guitar, he loved drawing and surfing with his brothers at the beach. For instance, he went out surfing with his siblings and father in August 2011.

Jackson Hinkle With His Parents [Photo: Facebook]

His father has also featured Jackson’s surf video on his Facebook profile. Further, Daniel has demonstrated support for his son as he took the YouTube host in the 2011 San Clemente Surf Championship.

Similar to surfing, Jackson had dedicated most of his time to art. One of his artworks was exhibited at an event.

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Jackson Grew Up with Three Siblings

Apart from him, Jackson’s parents gave birth to two sons, Liam Hinkle and Conner Hinkle, and a daughter named McKenna Marie Hinkle.

The four siblings have a strong sense of siblinghood and friendship. They spent most of their childhood together, having fun outdoors.

For instance, they surfed on the beach and celebrated Jackson’s birthday in September 2011.

Jackson’s father, Daniel, and mother, Ann, have been married since 1989. In all those years, they raised their babies with immense love and support.

The YouTube Host’s Parents [Post: Facebook]

Daniel celebrates his birthday in December, whereas his wife celebrates her birthday in February. The couple has had an excellent relationship over the years.

They appreciate each other’s company and spend time with friends and family.

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Father Works in the Healthcare

The YouTube Host’s father, Daniel Hinkle, is a Sales and Marketing at AvaDent by Global Dental Science.

According to his LinkedIn profile, his father helps medical manufacturers, healthcare professionals, and software companies with sales and marketing solutions.

He has been working in the company for three years, starting in January 2020. Apart from AvaDent, Daniel has been actively engaged as a founder at Practice Performance Inc. for eight years.

Besides, Jackson’s father was also the President at Yappus LLC, where he worked for four years and five months. On the other hand, the founder was a Vice President of Practice Development at ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers for one year and eight months.

He attended Jackson High School and graduated from Alma College with a Business Administration degree. Further, he studied Business Administration at Cumberland College and graduated in 1982.

On the other hand, regarding his mother’s profession, neither Jackson nor his parents have revealed information about her.