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Jackson Bates Got Engaged With Emerson Wells

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Jackson Bates got engaged to his beautiful girlfriend, Emerson Wells, in March 2023.

With the beautiful picture of Bates putting the ring on his girlfriend’s finger, he shared the news with everyone through an Instagram post.

Bates captioned the post, “SHE SAID “YES!” I can’t wait for “I DO,” then everyone congratulated the lovely young couple.

The news of their engagement at such a young age left people stunned. One user went as far as to comment, “How do all these kids support themselves when they get married so young?.”

Jackson Bates engaged with Emerson on March 10 [Photo: Instagram]

Evidently, the engagement came after a romantic date. The couple was definitely dressed for the occasion, donning matching black outfits.

The boyfriend sported an all-black look, complete with black formal shoes, while the girlfriend came to play with a stunning black dress.

The lovely couple’s family and relatives attended the engagement ceremony.

“I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you,” the groom-to-be penned.

The Couple’s Marriage Ceremony Will Be on October 14

For those of you wondering, the dates for the wedding are out!

Apparently, the couple can’t wait to become man and wife and have already begun planning for the wedding. The couple engaged in March and eventually will be married on October 14, 2023, in Orlando, Florida.

A short snippet of their story has also been posted on The Knot.

Bates has no problem admitting that he’s counting the days to the big day. He said as much in a post where he shared a picture of the two lovely families coming together on the day of the engagement.

Jackson, Emerson, and their parents at the engagement [Photo: Instagram]

Just like them, fans were also excited.

One fan wrote, “We are so excited for you! Blessings for you and your precious bride.”

He recently wished her a happy birthday in April and called her the most amazing and beautiful girl in the world. She was his best friend and the sweetest love.

Jack was also working with the Emerson family to set up the beautiful wedding dress. They had wedding dress appointments and venue shopping while both of their families were in town.

Bates was blessed with a beautiful girl, and he was just happy to have her in his life.

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Jackson Bates & Emerson Wells – The Love Story

Bates and his girlfriend met for the first time through a mutual friend at a rodeo in Florida. Then they exchanged numbers and never missed a day talking since.

Their entire relationship had been long-distance, which the girlfriend admitted was not easy for them.

Still, the couple considered their circumstances a blessing in many ways. After all, those same circumstances would lead them to exchange vows.

Jackson Bates and his fiance Emerson [Photo: Instagram]

Emerson was stunned then when Bates proposed to her. Although she was hoping it would happen soon, she was unaware that Jackson was even in town when he proposed.

The couple looked forward to beginning their together forever and will be celebrating with their close friends and families later this year.

They loved to try new things, especially coffee shops, and spend time with family and friends. Emerson is studying in college and working at a local coffee shop.

Bates loves Emy’s voice, her heart for others, and her relationship with her family, while Emy loves Jack’s thoughtful mind, his positivity, and his laugh.

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Jackson Bates Initially Shared Emerson’s Picture on Instagram

Bates posted his girlfriend’s picture on July 9, 2022, on his Instagram, where he can be seen hugging her. He didn’t reveal the girlfriend’s face and name on the post.

Just eight days later, he shared another picture where he revealed her face with the caption, “So thankful for you and I’m excited to see where God takes us.”

Jackson Bates revealed his girlfriend’s face in July 2022 [Photo: Instagram]

With that, the relationship was Instagram official, and because the posts came in such frequency, everyone caught on. The couple officially started dating in April 2022, and now they are waiting to get married in October.

Learn More about Jack’s To-Be-Wife

According to Emerson’s LinkedIn, she is a sophomore at the reputed Lake Sumter State College. Plus she is also working at a local coffee shop as a part-time barista.

Prior to that, Emerson also worked in customer service. She enjoyed serving people in her hometown for five years. Ever since she was a child, Jackson’s partner took part in multiple sports. Furthermore, she received her first black belt in martial arts at the age of sixteen.

Besides that, she also enjoys reading and writing. Emerson has written a few poems and also songs and performed them at weddings and churches.

She is also active on Instagram and has a private account with over 400 followers. It is evident from her profile that she is a devotee of Jesus as her bio reads, “with every breath, I long to follow Jesus. for He has said that He will bring me home.”

As per the Bates Family Fandom, Emerson was born on April 22, 2003. Her middle name is Hope. She is the third child of Michelle Wells and Tyrone Wells. The names of her siblings are Nic Wells, Hunter Wells, Makenzie Contestabile, Mariana Wells, and Katya Ortiz.