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Sparks Flew the Day Frank Prisinzano Met His Wife Arina

Dinesh Shrestha


Frank Prisinzano has eventually found his soulmate again after divorcing his ex-wife, Leigh Anne. He welcomed two children, Santino and Vincenz, with Leigh.

Currently, he enjoys a blissful life with Arina Ahmed, with whom she has been together for nearly a decade. The couple’s love has withstood the test of time, and they are still going strong.

Frank and His Wife, Arina, Met in 2014

The lovely couple Frank and Arina initially met at his restaurant Lil Frankie’s, in the East Village of New York City in 2014. After a year of following each other, the couple met after the 2014 Super Bowl.

The sparks flew the night they had their meet-cute. Frank’s spouse revealed in an interview with Galia Lahav that they sat at the bar at Lil Frankie’s and talked from 10 pm until 4 in the morning.

Arina further revealed she went home buzzing from their incredible chemistry, conversation, and good vibes. The couple went on their first dinner date at Peasant and then to Miami Beach the same week.

The duo initially said they would try to be friends, nothing serious. However, their fate had something else planned as they said I love yous a week later and moved in three months later.

Frank Prisinzano with his wife Arina Ahmed and two sons [Photo: Instagram]

While Arina’s Instagram has been kept private, Frank never shies away from sharing his feelings for her on his social media.

For instance, in February 2018, he reminisced about their meet-cute on their fourth anniversary. He began his post with how their long conversation the night they met left them stuck, woke, and so connected.

The chef further wrote, “I blatantly asked this bright and stunning woman to throw all her caution to the wind and jump on a plane with me to Miami, and then Venice, and then Verona To begin a pure sweeping romance with me, a romance neither of us needed to discuss to understand.”

He ended the caption by saying, “Every time she takes that leap with me its like I’m looking at her again for the first time at 4am, dying to get my hands on her, but excited to sweep her off her feet first, and then head carelessly into the realms of #love.”

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Frank Asked Arina To Marry Him

Four years later, in August 2018, he finally had the courage to ask Arina to marry him in front of his family in Italy.

The couple was on their family vacation on the Amalfi Coast with his parents, cousins, and children. He made everyone an incredible lunch, and after they were finished, he made an announcement to the table that he needed to ask her something.

That’s when he got on one knee and proposed to her with a beautiful ring. The chef announced the news of their engagement through his social media.

Frank Prisinzano and Arina Ahmed [Photo: Instagram]

Frank revealed that he bought a ring three weeks before asking her to spend the rest of her life with him. “Three weeks ago in Venice, I bought @ArinaAhmed a ring because she is my cure,” he penned.

The internet personality stated he had searched for her his whole life. In August’s second week, he singled out his son, Santino, at the dinner table and asked, “Have you ever seen me this happy?”

They agreed “never” despite not knowing where he was taking them. At that point, one could notice a shift in the room’s atmosphere.

They all knew something significant was about to occur, but before it could sink in, he bent down, took Arina by the hand, and proposed to her.

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Frank and Arina Got Married

One year after their proposal, the couple wedded on October 18, 2019, in Puglia. They chose the location as their wedding venue because his maternal grandfather, the late great Carlo Panella, grew up there.

He shared his wedding pictures seven days later. She was seen donning a gorgeous white gown while he looked perfect in a black suit and white shirt.

Their five years of togetherness finally got into the final step of their relationship. “My wife, right here I tell you, she’s so goddamn brave and open for all my adventure,” he professed.

They love with numerous stories pound for pound and inch for inch. He stated, “She’s the hottest, baddest, [expletive] volcanically vulnerable, wicked vibrant, delicious, smoldering, gets my wit.”

Frank Prisinzano wed Arina Ahmed [Photo: Instagram]

He has dedicated so many words to his wife. The couple has been married for four years as of writing. He constantly shares their intimate moments on social media.

The couple’s love story is full of bravery and blind trust, as they never questioned what was happening between them.

He said other people tried to do that for them, but it never phased them. Their pure passion for each other had been talked over, and they would let go and fall hard together.