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Is Mitski’s Song ‘Me and My Husband’ Based on Her Relationship?

Binesh Shrestha


After the release of ‘Me and My Husband’ in 2018, many interpreted that Mitski was talking about her real-life husband and their relationship.

As the singer prefers to keep everything low-key, fans began to wonder about her love life. So, what’s the story behind the song?

Multiple Parties Disect Mitski’s ‘Me and My Husband’

When Mitski released the song back in 2018, it was a hit. People were so into it that many started interpreting it in their own way. Among them, one review stood out the most.

The College Reporter stated the song described Mitski and her real-life husband’s passionate relationship. This phrase alone became a topic of trolling to Mitski’s fans.

One fan even posted the screenshot of the title on the r/mitski subreddit, saying the editor of the article thought that Mitski was actually married, and that is what the song was about.

Mitski’s fans found the review funny. [Source: Reddit]

Humorously, comments stating they were in fact Mitski’s husband followed.

Nevertheless, Mitski had already stated the true intention behind the song. When talking about the intention, she also revealed that she was not married.

The Singer Clears the Air

During a conversation with the saved by old times, she said the song is about, “You know what, this may not be love anymore, and I may be unhappy, and I’m going to die one day and this is just going to be my life,” later adding, “this is the decision I made, and you’re the person I chose, so I’m just going to stick with you. We have our problems, but this is our life and we’re going to live it.”

It was evident from the interview that Mitski didn’t have that much faith in love. She stated that it was difficult to stay in love and keep the spark.

Mitski had also said that when one got married and stayed with their partner for years, then it no longer became about infatuation or having one’s heart aflutter.

Since the singer wasn’t married, Mitski was asked if she was inspired by any particular couple, to which she said that it was a thing that would happen.

Another instance when her song was misinterpreted into something else was when fans heard the line “Your mother wouldn’t approve of how my mother raised me” from ‘Your Best American Girl,’ as a nod to her Japanese mom, the cultural friction of interracial dating in America.

However, the singer later clarified that she was not trying to send any type of message. She revealed that she was in love and loved somebody so much while also realizing that she could never be what would fit into their life.

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Any Partner of the Singer?

As stated above, Mitski isn’t married. Furthermore, it is also not known if she is dating anyone. Her Instagram handle, which has got over 1.5 million followers, doesn’t provide any hint regarding her love life.

Well, there are also questions surrounding Mitski’s sexuality. It is not known if she is straight. Formerly, she had talked about loving women. In the 54th issue of The Miscreant, Mitski stated that one could not choose their sexual orientation, but their sexuality could be fluid.

Likewise, as per Crack Magazine, Mitski once tweeted: “I’m a Libra so my sexuality is essentially ‘you can be any gender as long as you treat me like a princess.’”

She also stated that growing up, moving around, and being on tour, she did not allow herself to attach to anything because she knew that she would have to go away again.

Nevertheless, it is only up to Mitski if she ever decides to come forward and introduce her partner if she has any.

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Learn More About Mitski

Mitski Miyawaki was born on September 27, 1990 in Japan. Her father is an American, whereas her mother is Japanese. The beautiful artist has been active in the music industry for over a decade since 2012.

During her youth, Mitski moved a lot and lived in over 13 countries. She completed her high school in Turkey. She was first enrolled at Hunter College to study film. Later on, she transferred to SUNY Purchase for music composition.

She had already released two albums before even graduating from SUNY Purchase.

Mitski is a well-known singer. [Source: Instagram]

The skillful lyricist has always had her focus on music. Unfortunately, she was dragged into a scandal in 2019.

Mitski was accused of child sex trafficking and abuse by a Tumblr user. The user even reached out to Peyton Thomas. a freelance music journalist.

As soon as Mitski learned about the allegations, she was quick to shoot it down. She reactivated her social media accounts and stated that the allegations were completely false, adding she didn’t know the accuser and how or why they came to associate her with their trauma.