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Fans Decipher Bernadette Banner’s Love-Life With Alleged Partner Cathy Hay

Binesh Shrestha


Seeing some of Bernadette Banner and Cathy Hay’s pictures together, many fans were intrigued by the pair’s relationship.

Knowing how close they were, people often questioned if the pair was indeed a couple.

Bernadette Banner’s Love-Life: A Topic of Discussion on Forum Sites

It is very common for fans to show keenness in learning about the influencers they follow. Similarly, many wanted to know if Bernadette and Cathy were ever dating.

A couple of years ago, they were good friends. The alleged pair first met in the late 2010s when Cathy was working on the ‘Peacock Dress’ project.

It was the project for recreating the iconic Peacock dress of Lady Curzon, originally designed by Jean-Philippe Worth.

Bernadette had been keeping up with Cathy’s work from afar. She even helped Cathy with the project. During the time working together, the duo often posted together and were pretty close.

Seeing their bond, fans often asked if they were a couple. But since both of them were working in the same field, many speculated they might just be good friends.

Fans’ speculation over Bernadette Banner’s relationship. [Source: Guru Gossip]

What fueled the flame was that Cathy had mentioned a former female partner once and often referenced in terms of the LGBTQ+ community.

Some even found it off, considering the age difference of almost twenty years between the supposed pair.

On top of that, there were also rumors that Cathy had been telling everyone that she and Bernadette would get married.

Nevertheless, Bernadette came forward and cleared the speculations surrounding their relationship.

On 16 February 2020, Bernadette stated that she and Cathy Hay were not dating. Furthermore, she also preferred to keep her history private.

Not many know this, but Bernadette is asexual.

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Falling Off between Bernadette and Her Alleged Partner Cathy

As the rumors of Bernadette and Cathy being a lesbian couple were looming large, the 29-year-old dropped a bombshell. She declared that Cathy Hay was no longer her friend for a host of very serious reasons.

Bernadette Banner cut off ties with Cathy Hay. [Source: Reddit]

However, she kept the reasons a secret. After her announcement, Bernadette also cleared up her feed and deleted all the posts related to Cathy.

So there is basically not a lot of proof showing their bonding in the past.

It looked like she wanted to do nothing with the Peacock dress project and even deleted its promotional video.

There were many issues surrounding the Peacock dress. Bernadette stated that she only learned about the problematic history of the gown only after her involvement.

She also apologized for being engaged in the project and didn’t realize that the reconstruction project was still hurtful to many present-day viewers.

In a post made on YouTube, Bernadette showed the dispersement of the raised fund through the project. A total of $9,429 was raised.

$5,929 was donated to The Circle’s garment worker advocacy initiative working hard for the betterment of garment workers worldwide. The remaining $3,500 was donated to the Museum of British Colonialism.

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Would Pay to Live Alone

While there are questions surrounding Bernadette Banner’s relationships, she has revealed that she would pay to live alone.

In a November 2020 interview with Costuming Drama, the talented YouTuber unveiled that living alone was a luxury that she would pay for.

She further added she would even turn off the utility bill and gouge a significant amount of paycheck for the sole purpose.

Could it be she was living with someone during that time of the interview that she longed to be alone so much?

Bernadette also stated that she tried having an imaginary friend and was bad at it, as she always forgot that she was there.

So only time will tell if Bernadette ever decides to settle down with anyone, Till then, there will always be a mystery surrounding her sexuality and partner.

Unfortunately, none of her social media handles point to her dating life. It is either filled with posts of her friends or dresses.