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Desiree Ross’ Dad’s Battle With Cancer

Dinesh Shrestha


The Greenleaf star Desiree Ross’s dad, John Ross, has been battling with Stage 4 esophageal cancer. Her parents have been doing everything they could for his treatments

Thankfully, the actress’ father is doing well with his chemotherapy treatments and making great headway on his health.

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Annual Game Outing Led to Cancer Discovery

Desiree dad learned about his Stage 4 esophageal cancer when he went on an annual outing to watch a football game with his son, Desmond Ross.

Each year on Desmond’s birthday, both of them made a tradition of watching the Sunday Night football game at a Hamilton Mill tavern.

In 2023, 57-year-old John was eating fries when he felt that one got stuck in his lower esophagus.

“My daughter urged me to talk to the doctor about it, and the doctor ordered a probe to be sent down my throat,” John said to Patch.

Desiree Ross’s dad discovered his cancer in April 2023. [Photo: Instagram]

During the probe, the doctors took a biopsy of a 4-centimeter mass that led to the cancer diagnosis. By that point, it had already entered further lymph nodes in his body.

John could feel them swollen in his neck and back. His wife, Brooke Ross, was surprised when she found out her husband had Stage 4 esophageal cancer.

The road to diagnosis of cancer lasted for three months, with different tests for several medical conditions. Each test came out negative, and doctors concluded that he had a double ear infection.

He was treated for the infection. Then, he was told he had pneumonia and was treated. So, when he was told he had cancer, he felt conflicted.

Started a Chemo Treatment

After the diagnosis, the doctors started a chemo treatment within a week in April 2023. Then, his weekly hospital visits for four hours of therapy became part of his life.

After every chemotherapy, John went home with a 48-inch drip ray, and when he wasn’t in therapy, labs were being done to monitor his body’s reaction.

Desiree Ross’ dad said to Patch that he was opting to stay strong, positive, and active. Developing Stage 4 esophageal cancer caused sleep discomfort for him due to swollen lymph node in his back.

Desiree Ross
Desiree Ross’ mom started a GoFundMe page. [Photo: Instagram]

Moreover, he was not able to sleep on his stomach due to pain. The chemotherapy bag he slept with was noisy.

But John was glad that he was alive and had a family that kept him busy and occupied.

He revealed that he was doing the best he could to cope with his diagnosis. His family is one of the reasons life has given him to fight cancer.

Started GoFund to Raise Money

In April 2023, Desiree Ross’ mom Brooke Ross started a GoFundMe with the purpose of raising $100,000. Nearly $19,000 had been raised in a little more than a week after she started it.

As of June 2023, $23,329 was raised from the $35,000 goal, and the family has shown gratitude to the people who helped them.

Mrs. Ross stated that the funding would benefit uncovered prescription drugs, out-of-pocket expenses, homeopathic remedies, specific dietary needs, and many other expenses.

The day when they went to the hospital to get a port put into his chest, they were asked for over $2,000.

“We paid,” she said. The next they went in, and the hospital said they owed another $400.

Mrs. Ross said, “This would eat up what we have in our savings account, and we still will need more for all the other little things that add up.”

Thanks to the money raised through GoFundMe, they were able to afford the chance to be on their way toward meeting the goal.

“What an incredibly heartbreaking choice. As long as John is on this Earth, I couldn’t imagine not doing all I can to help him and keep him comfortable in body and mind,” Brooke explained.

John Completed the Third Chemo Session In May

In May 2023, John completed his third chemo session, and in each session, the doctors were able to target it a bit more of the carcinoma.

They analyzed how powerful their attacks could be with each session. After the four sessions, he would get another PET scan, and then they would know for sure how well it was working.

However, John claimed that he was feeling better than before starting chemo. The actress’s father has a lot of improvements in his health. John enjoyed the outpour of people reaching out to him.

Likewise, in June 2023, John went for his sixth chemo treatment. The doctor informed him that he made a 60% improvement.

With each chemo session, John’s health seems to be improving, and doctors have been amazed at how he has been maintaining his weight and remaining active.

Desiree’s Update On Her Dad’s Health

As per the actress’ Instagram post update in June 2023, her dad was doing great and handling his treatments with chemo really well.

Further, she stated he was keeping his optimism alive, and his faith kept him strong. He was eating well, although it took about four days after his chemo to get his appetite back.

Furthermore, his optimistic attitude never ceased to impress his doctor and nurses, and all of his vital signs were ideal. She said that it was a process, but they were all feeling a lot better with the situation at hand.

The actress informed everyone that her dad was making great headway. “We appreciate everyone’s support and prayers. Like, really, truly. It’s helped carry us through,” she said.

Brooke Ross and John Ross Married for 27 Years

Desiree Ross’ parents have been married for over 27 years and share two biological children and three honorary children.

For over four years, he lived in Dacula and worked as a realtor, whereas Brooke worked as a fourth-grade teacher.

Brooke said that they were trying to be optimistic. John also led a small men’s group, completed community service, and regularly checked on people. 

Brooke said that part of her felt that he was too great a role model to leave this earth at the young age of 57.

Desiree’s Heartfelt Words For Her Parents

Desiree adores her parents so much that she doesn’t hesitate to express her gratitude on social media.

The actress often posts pictures from her childhood alongside her parents and wishes them on Father’s and Mother’s Day. The Greenleaf star has an incredible connection with them.

In 2020, she posted her childhood picture with her parents on Father’s Day.

Ross wrote a lengthy caption and expressed her gratitude towards her dad. She mentioned her old man as the “greatest father in the whole wide world.” The caption served as evidence of her father’s love and support.

Desiree Ross shared her childhood picture with her mom and dad and wished her dad Happy Father’s Day [Photo: Instagram]

“HAPPY FATHERS DAY DADDY. I love you, you’re the greatest father in the whole wide world,” she stated.

Ross also thanked her father for taking care of the family and always working hard to provide them with the best life possible.

The actress’s father is her biggest supporter and has always supported her dream. Ross’s father’s love for her is unconditional. Further, she is grateful to have such a wonderful dad like him.

Desiree Ross shared a childhood picture on Mother’s Day. [Photo: Instagram]

Desiree thanked her dad for dealing with her whole life and always looking out.

“I. Love. You. Sooooooooooooooooooooooo so much. Hope you enjoy today and know how appreciative I am to have been blessed with a father as great as you,” she wrapped up the caption.

On Mother’s Day of 2020, she shared her childhood picture with her mom to wish her.

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Not a lengthy caption, but Desiree described her mother as the world’s best mama, which, in itself, speaks volumes.