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Corbin Reid and Her Husband tied the knot on New Year’s Eve

Dinesh Shrestha


The Run the World star Corbin Reid and her husband, a Snap Inc. public policy manager, Jasson Crockett tied the knot on New Year’s Eve.

On December 31, 2022, the couple shared their self-written vows in front of 95 people in Jamaica.

The beautiful wedding ceremony took place at Negril’s Pattoo Castle. The actress revealed that Crockett was a little more prepared than she was, reading her vows from a piece of paper.

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Corbin and Her Husband Shared Self-written Wedding Vows

Corbin Reid penned the wedding vows in just over an hour at 5 am on a peaceful morning three weeks earlier.

She smiled at her public speaker fiance, showing her up as she hurriedly looked for a printer. The actress said about his vows, “Of course he had his beautifully memorized.”

Corbin Reid married Jasson Crockett on New Year’s Eve [Photo: Instagram]

Reid defended herself by stating that her vows weren’t brief because she is also a writer. She kept putting it off and was relieved because it just came out of her.

People loved both of their vows, but she especially mentioned his vows were beautiful.

Corbin and Her Husband Shine in Stunning Attire

The actress wore a traditional Vivienne Atelier bridal gown. She was holding her husband’s hands while walking out of the 8-bedroom stone castle on Jamaica’s west coast.

Later, they continued to the outdoor celebration, where the guests had a party into the night. The couple wrapped the party around 1:30.

The couple was supposed to go to their hotel at Idle Awhile, but her best friend switched rooms to accommodate their impromptu stay.

Later, she dressed white feathered frock by Cult Gaia for the dance-heavy after-party, enacting wedding customs like throwing her bouquet to the bridesmaids.

Jasson shared a screenshot o their first text message [Photo: Instagram]

She shared a video of her breaking move on the dancefloor to Béyoncé’s ‘Cuff It’ in her Instagram Stories.

Furthermore, she also shared a clip of a more tender slow dance with her new husband to John Legend’s ‘So High.

On January 3, Jasson also shared a screenshot of their first text message with the caption, “How it started vs. how it’s going.”

Couple Met Through Dating App

Corbin and Jasson came in contact through a virtual meeting on Bumble, a dating app. She has also shared their first text interaction on Instagram.

Initially, she read Jasson’s boast about his mac and cheese on his profile. The actress wanted to give him a shot. As it turned out, Jasson also super-liked her.

Corbin had a stomach illness on her first date. Although, she eventually decided to keep the date so he didn’t think she was an LA flake.

Despite feeling under the weather, Corbin braved the all-you-can-eat Brazilian BBQ meal at the Grove Farmers Market.

The couple’s date continued to LACMA, spending hours talking and walking. Finally, she was forced to confess to Jasson, who was utterly unaware—she had been sick the entire time.

At the time, she realized that she was an actress. They spent over six years together and built a home in Los Angeles over that period.

They explored many a cabins in the California woods. The couple traveled internationally to different countries – Italy, France, London, Montreal, Mexico, and Jamaica.

The Hollywood Bowl is one of their favorite venues, and they both like listening to music there.

While Jasson is still actively trying to persuade Corbin to share his passion for politics and athletics, Corbin has successfully converted Jasson into a theatrical aficionado.

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Proposed On The 2 Degree Snow

After dating for many years, they decided to take their relationship to the next step. On the winter holidays, Jasson had a surprise for Corbin.

The couple often spent the winter holidays together. Per usual, they had planned their 2020 holidays.

Unfortunately, the plans had to be called off as the pandemic hit the world at that time. But they eventually decided to keep their promise and celebrated in Corbin’s hometown of Minneapolis.

A few days before Christmas, Jasson continued disappearing to “run errands.” Later on, on the morning of Christmas Eve, she walked out on her porch to listen to a ‘So High.’

Midway through the song, Corbin saw Jasson getting down to one knee and proposing in the 2-degree snow.

Jasson Crockett proposed to Corbin Reid in 2021 [Photo: Instagram]

Then, on December 31, 2022, the couple shared their wedding vows in a beautiful wedding ceremony.