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James Cannon’s Heartwarming Desire: Yearning for More Grandchildren

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James Cannon’s son Nick Cannon has given him 12 grandchildren. Sadly, one of Nick’s sons died from brain cancer when he was only five months old.

Despite being a granddad of 12 children, he wants more children from his son. James claimed to have taught his kid that children are a blessing, “Make as much money as you can and have as many children as you can.”

In an interview, James was asked how many grandchildren he had; he laughed and said, “I’m going to say 12, 13, 14? I’ve read a couple of new reports, but I’m not claiming those until I talk to the papa myself.”

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James Prioritizes Quality Time with Grandchildren

James, 87, told The Sun that spending quality time with all his grandchildren was important. He was sure that his son maintained a good relationship with the children’s mom.

When the interviewer brought up the number of women Nick has gotten pregnant, James said, “All I want to ask is ‘Son, have you asked all the right questions? And have you got the right answers? And have you put it in writing?.”

Further, he said to his son, “You could buy a $23million mansion,” but he wanted to have as many children as possible and send those children to college, love those kids, and teach those kids about God.

The comedian’s father also wrote a book ‘Stop Hating: Can I Live?’ based on Nick’s story.

Nick Cannon Welcomed 12 Children With Six Wives

Nick Cannon fathered 12 children with his six wives. Likewise, his father said he was to father as many kids as possible from his six wives. In 2021, he welcomed four children from his partners in less than 12 months.

Initially, he married Mariah Carey from 2008 until 2016. He shared twins Monroe and Moroccan Scott with her.

Later with his then-girlfriend Brittany Bell, he welcomed three children, Powerful Queen Cannon, Golden Sagon Cannon, and Rise Messiah Cannon.

Nick Cannon and his partner Bre Tiesi with their son Legendary Love Cannon [Photo: Instagram]

Then with his ex-partner Abby de la Rosa, he shared three children, including a set of twins. He welcomed Zeppelin Cannon, Zion Mixolydian Cannon, and Zillion Heir Cannon with her.

Nick then welcomed two children with model Alyssa Scott.

On June 2021, they welcomed their son Zen, who died from a brain tumor. He was Cannon’s fourth child in less than 12 months. The couple then welcomed a daughter named Halo Marie Cannon in December 2021.

Model and actress Bre Tiesi gave birth to Nick’s eighth child, Legendary Love, in July 2022. Then with his partner Lanisha Cole, he welcomed a child Onyx Ice Cole in September 2022.

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What happened to Nick’s Son Zen?

In 2021, Nick Cannon’s 5-month-old son Zen died from brain cancer. The actor announced the heartbreaking news on his eponymous daytime show.

“Today is a special one y’all for many reasons but it’s not gonna be an easy one,” he said. Until then, he hadn’t shared the news with anybody, not even the crew.

When Zen was two months old, according to Nick, they noticed his head seemed larger than usual and decided to take him to the doctor.

Nick’s son had a peculiar breathing pattern, but he only noticed it after two months. Zen had a nice head that the comedian called Cannon’s head. They thought it was normal.

James Cannon and his late son Zen [Photo: Instagram]

They only took the infant to the doctor for the breathing and to get his sinuses examined. However, the doctors found fluid growing in Zen’s head and a malignant tumor requiring brain surgery.

Thereafter, Zen had to get a surgical shunt to empty the fluid from his head.

The parents didn’t let go of their faith and hope. Zen was still just playing with his siblings.

Then his health condition worsened around Thanksgiving as the tumor grew faster. The comedian said that they spent quality time with Zen.

The last time Cannon held his son was the weekend before the broadcast, he said through tears.