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What Is Jaz Sinclair’s Ethnicity? Who Are Her Parents?

Himal Ale Magar


Despite gaining massive popularity from her performance on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Jaz Sinclair has not revealed much about her personal life.

Born on July 22, 1994, as Jasmine Sinclair Sabino, the actress hails from Dallas, Texas. Many sites have suggested that she is a family person. Because of her private nature, people wonder who her parents are.

Who Are Jaz Sinclair’s Parents? What’s Her Ethnicity?

Jaz Sinclar has taken Hollywood by storm through her beautiful looks and solid acting performances. She is best known for her works in movies like Paper Towns and Slender Man.

Talking about her ethnicity, LiveRampUp has reported that she comes from a mixed background. She was welcomed by an African-American dad and an Italian-Irish mom, Dominique Rochelle Sabino.

Jaz Sinclair [Photo: Instagram]

According to her Facebook profile, she also has a sister named Alexis Sabino. Unfortunately, information regarding her dad, his name, and whereabouts remain scarce.

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Grew Up in a Supportive Household

According to Liverampup, Jaz is close to her parents, especially her grandparents.

She has been featured in numerous pictures posted by her grandfather Bill Sabino on his Facebook account. He has uploaded several snaps of Jaz hanging out with her family and friends, including Ross Lynch, her co-star.

The actress also credited her grandpa, Bill Sabino, and grandmom, Lynnae Sabino, for her upbringing in a safe and secure environment.

Jaz Sinclair has a great relationship with her grandparents. [Photo: Facebook]

In November 2016, she shared a throwback picture of them in the 1970s. She captioned the post saying, “The beautiful people that raised me. Grandma and Grandpa Sabino looking foxy as hell.”

Her grandparents have been her driving force as they have motivated Jaz in major moments of her life. For instance, Bill and Lynnae have been there for Jaz during her premiere, graduation, and several other milestones.

Given her field of work, Jaz might be keeping her personal and family life private from the spotlight for the well-being of herself and her parents.

Regardless, it is evident Jaz maintains a healthy and affectionate relationship with her sibling and parents.

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Jaz Sinclar Talked About Her Identity

In an interview with Essence, the star of Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina related to her character in several ways. Similar to her role as Rosalinda, Jaz was also outspoken about issues close to her.

She described herself as an open book who did not hesitate to talk about her identity and upbringing. The actress said in the interview, “As a Black woman you do have to work harder for everything. The world is not going to hand you things.”

She further shared her experience of growing up with the “white half” of her family. Sinclair added her grandfather talked about how the world would be different because of the color of her skin.

The actress said she did not realize it at the moment and how her own naivete later slapped her in the face. Jaz expressed that the world was letting her know how it felt one way or another.

Further, Jaz explained because of her complicated upbringing, how she had to rely on herself and figure out what that meant and also rely on her good friends.

The actress further added, “As a Black woman you do have to work harder for everything. The world is not going to hand you things. [People] will question whether or not you deserve things all the time,”

She continued,

““You’ll get less than your non-Black female counterparts and your attitude has to stay, ‘Oh, I’m just so grateful to be here. Oh, thank you. Oh, lucky me,’ even though you shouldn’t have to.”

Sinclair has now expanded her platform through music which has become an extension of who she was and what she wanted to share.

For what she has achieved so far, Jaz’s parents and family members must be proud.