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ATI Williams and Her Husband Are No Longer Together, or So It Seems

Himal Ale Magar


Ati Williams is a property developer and a licensed builder who hosted HGTV’s D.C. Flippers with her husband, Rob Williams. The self-dubbed Renovation Ninja and her partner had undertaken home-flipping projects in the neighborhood of D.C.

However, Ati and Rob, who used to share several pictures with captions showing gratitude for one another, have stopped doing it for some time now. So, fans are wondering if things are going well for the couple.

Are Things Going Well For Ati and Her Husband?

The couple got engaged in September 2009 and exchanged wedding vows in April 2010. However, it has also been reported that they got engaged in March 2010.

Nevertheless, the Williams couple never shied away from showing off their love for one another on their social media. However, they started sharing less, leaving netizens wondering if they were together.

Numerous sites have reported the power couple has split up. Although the two appreciated each other, their marriage could not stand the test of time. Also, his relationship status on Facebook says he is single.

However, neither has commented on the subject matter as of this writing. Also, the reason behind their fallout and divorce has not been disclosed.

Ati Williams And Rob William Got Married [Photo: Facebook]

Besides, the former couple still keep in touch with each other and express their love and affection. For instance, Rob Williams shared his joy and happiness for Ati, whom he called his friend.

At the time, William’s former partner stated he was proud of her appearance in Netflix’s Hack My Home. On the other hand, the two also spent quality time with their daughter, Amelia, despite ending their relationship.

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The Former Couple Started Real Estate Together

Navigating a business with your life partner might sometimes impact the relationship. However, in the case of Atti and Rob, they managed to overcome adversities and maintain a happy married life.

The designer started her business before she met her former spouse when she was 23. She had renovated her townhouse in Upper Marlboro at the time, which she sold for  $31,000.

Ati Williams With Her Ex-Husband, Rob Williams [Photo: YouTube]

Eventually, she met her former love and renovated their first house four months after dating. It also marked her former husband’s introduction to the real estate business.

He was previously working with the Marine Corps before investing his money in D.C. rental properties. His former wife suggested buying and fixing a place and renting it together.

Williams and Her Former Husband Made HomeOwners’ Dreams Come True

The licensed builder and her former spouse, Rob Williams, established a mini-empire of real estate businesses. The ex-partners’ venture included buying, selling, renovating homes, and managing property.

Williams operated as a licensed realtor and a brilliant home stylist during their endeavors together. At the same time, her then-husband’s role was supervising the architectural plans, development, and construction aspects of their business.

Together, they had a high-low approach, which combined less expensive items with high-end pieces. The couple also owns D.C. Home Buzz and development company Honeycomb.

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Local Real State to HGTV Show

The owners of the Columbia Heights real estate brokerage firm became the faces of the HGTV show D.C. Flippers. The former couple renovated some of the ugliest houses in the capital into a dream house.

Ati started her real estate journey from college and sold the renovated properties for tremendous profit. She began D.C. Home Buzz in 2009 and made a name for herself with the help of her former partner, Rob.

Ati Williams And Former Partner Rob Williams [Photo: Facebook]

Eventually, she was contacted by Taylor Kampia from Half Yard Productions. She was also previously got for shows involving D.C. Home buzz, but Ati never overthought about it.

The former partners hesitated about doing a television show but agreed to the pilot because the production company was interested in marketing them as authentic selves.

Rob added, “Obviously we would love for it to become a full-time show and would love for it to be successful, but if all that happens is that we air this pilot episode, that’s fine. Our life will go on.”