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Eduardo Garcia and His Wife Had an Outdoor Wedding

Himal Ale Magar


The celebrity chef, Eduardo Garcia, is blissfully married to his lovely wife, Becca Skinner. The couple has been together for some time now, and their love and admiration for one another has not withered.

The moment they laid their eyes on one another, the couple knew they were made for each other. After a few years of dating, the couple said their “I do’s” and have been together ever since.

Chef and His Wife’s Wedding in an Unconventional Setting

The couple had an intimate yet beautiful ceremony. The highlight of their important day was that they got married in an unconventional setting.

Garcia and his spouse, Becca Skinner, expressed their passion and love as they shared their vows in July 2019.

Rather than getting married on a wedding altar with intricate designs and decorations, the couple decided to do something unique.

Eduardo Garcia With his Wife, Becca Skinner [Photo: Instagram]

Garcia and his partner shared their wedding vows in the heart of paradise under the mountains near a river. Their close friends and families graced the beautiful ceremony.

Further, his Instagram post gave their followers a glimpse of the auspicious occasion. They appeared extremely happy as they took a major step in their relationship.

The lovely couple met in a small bakery in Bozeman, Montana. On their first encounter, she knew a few standout things about Eduardo, who would later become her husband in the future. She realized many things revolved around his love for fire, food, and friends.

While it is not known when they started dating, they used to celebrate their anniversary in January. Nevertheless, three weeks into dating, Becca knew she would marry Garcia.

In February 2018, she revealed that they had decided to marry a few months back when they were in the backcountry sagebrush hills.

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His Wife Loves Gardening

The chef’s spouse’s knowledge and experience surrounding the outdoors have positively influenced her thrust for sustainable food systems. She now has an abundant garden; however, gardening was not something she did from the beginning.

Born and raised in Colorado, Wyoming, Skinner lives with her husband on a small farm. The couple sustains their permaculture garden and cherishes their chickens, beehives, and ducks.

It was not until Skinner met Garcia and moved in with him that she started gardening, and as of 2022, it was her third year of taking over. Garcia began to permaculture gardening when he moved in 2013.

Eduardo Garcia’s Wife, Becca Skinner [Photo: Instagram]

Further, after getting involved in the practice, Skinner had a sense of respect for people who were engaged in nature and agriculture.

Besides, as she pursued a Sustainable Food and Farming degree, Garcia’s life partner started to lean towards her love of food systems and how they worked.

Moreover, Garcia played a massive role in supporting this endeavor, always encouraging Skinner to pursue the idea.

Garcia’s Wife Is a Conservation Photographer

Apart from being into gardening, the celebrity chef’s life partner is a writer, Conservationist Photographer, and National Geographic Explorer. She had achieved massive fame while studying Social Work and Technical Writing at the University of Wyoming.

At the time, she won a National Geographic Young Explorer grant in 2011 to capture post-tsunami Sumatra, Indonesia.

Eduardo Garcia And Becca Skinner [Photo: Instagram]

Eventually, after her experience, she left her undergraduate degree after 3.5 years and pursued her career in professional photography.

Further, her decision came to fruition as she had the opportunity to work with companies like Orvis, Patagonia, Becca, and REI.

Moreover, her works were also published in National Geographic Online and The New York Times.

An Unfortunate Event Became a Script For a Movie

The former yacht chef who launched the MT food company Montana Mex had a near-death experience in 2011. At the time, Garcia was bowhunting in the woods when he found the remains of a bear’s carcass in a metal can.

Unfortunately, when the chef used a knife to retrieve the bear’s claw, the chef was electrocuted by 2400 volts of electricity from a live wire connected to the can.

The accident left him unconscious and helpless. Eventually, he woke up and managed to hike the three miles out of the mountains to seek help.

He was life-flighted to Salt Lake City, and when he arrived, the doctors said he was a dead man with a heartbeat. He spent 48 days in the ICU, had nine severe exit wounds, and underwent 21 surgeries.

The surgeries included cutting away destroyed muscle mass from his legs, arms, torso, and scalp and removing four ribs. Furthermore, doctors had to amputate his left hand and forearm.

At the same time, he also discovered he had stage 2 testicular cancer. His surgeries were put on hold for months as he underwent aggressive chemotherapy in Montana.

This event made his then-long-term girlfriend, Jennifer Jane, who had left him after he had proved himself unfaithful, fly to see him and become his caregiver for several months. She was his primary caregiver and was by his side 24/7.

So, Garcia’s then-girlfriend documented the beginning months with her camera and continued supporting him through his recovery as those months turned into years.

They eventually released a documentary film, Charged. It covers the chef’s life before and after the accident, featuring candid footage Jane shot during the rehabilitation.

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His Ex-Girlfriend Was His Business Partner

After graduating from culinary school, Garcia worked on a yacht that sailed from British Columbia to Costa Rica.

It was where the chef met his ex-girlfriend and Montana Mex business Partner Jennifer Jane, and there, years later, the former couple started a family business.

Further, before the accident that took one of his arms, Garcia and Jane pitched a TV food show focused on his passion for cooking outdoors in Montana. The Food Network had shown interest, so they had every type of footage of Garcia.

Despite the incident, Jane and the director, Phillip Baribeau, decided to keep filming. Also, the approach became a part of the chef’s rehabilitation.

During his recovery, Garcia was encouraged to embrace himself and be the same confident and handsome chef he was before.

Moreover, with the encouragement of Jane, he got back into the show they had imagined a decade before—the project Hungry Life was funded by Yeti, which showcased the chef hiking, hunting, and fishing outdoors.