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What Happened to Fred Lewis?

Dinesh Shrestha


Fred Lewis spent fourteen years in the military as a Green Beret and a Special Forces Medic prior to joining the hit television series Gold Rush.

There, he survived through the unimaginable in places where only a few people dared to venture into- Africa, Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Sadly, he had a traumatic brain injury while fighting in Afghanistan. So, he was forced to retire from the military.

Then he went back to the United States and, like many other veterans, struggled to find his place back in everyday life.

Fred tried different professions, a wrestling coach, a girl’s volleyball coach, and a farmer, but none of them satisfied him.

Fred Lewis [Photo: Instagram]

After spending his life in several dark years, his life finally changed. Fred got a call to serve as a medic on the dangerous expedition of the Gold Rush with Parker Schnabel.

When he first heard he was going with Parker, he was just, “ahhhhh.” Fred had watched the show and didn’t like Parker because of his attitude.

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How Fred Lewis Saved Parker Schnabel’s Life Twice?

In season 3, Parker Schnabel chose the dangerous jungle of Papua New Guinea to strike gold.

Then they all headed off to Papua New Guinea. It was the first step that Fred Lewis took out of his comfort zone after his recovery. Then he started to learn a language, culture, and history.

Fred had done all his homework before landing in Pap New Guinea. Although, the place was more dangerous than they ever thought.

On the first night, some locals arrived while they were sleeping in the Japanese war tunnels. They claimed to be landowners.

Fortunately, Fred had learned in the military that the first thing was to know about the people’s needs. Then he asked them, “Are you guys hungry” and he offered them some food, and they went from there.

Later, in the jungle of Papua New Guinea, the dam burst out and pushed Parker down.

So, he started to jump from bank to bank all the way, chasing him. Fred grabbed him literally on the edge. Parker could have easily died that day.

Then later, their vehicle was stopped by some locals demanding a thousand euros for their vehicle being there. Fred just drove out from there and saved all the people.

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Fred Lewis Returned to Season 14 of ‘Gold Rush’

Previously, many fans questioned the possibility of Fred Lewis returning to season 14 of the Gold Rush.

Despite demonstrating his capacity to embrace new challenges, the number of mistakes he’d made in the seasons prior eventually made fans question his presence on the show.

In fact, many fans are so dissatisfied with him that they skipped scenes because of him continually making mistakes while mining “lousy dirt with substandard equipment.”

However, season 14 has already aired, and he is back on the show.

Fred also gave a hint to the people about his return to the show through Instagram pictures. His Instagram pictures look like a mine site or at least mining related.

Moreover, he responded to a fan questioning if he planned on mining this season of Gold Rush. The fans questioned him, rightfully asking if he was mining this year.

He responded, “I’m waiting on the ferry to go in.”

Fred was referring to the ferry that carried traffic across the Yukon River.

This Ferry serves as a vital transportation link for Fred and other miners, enabling them to access their mining sites by boarding their vehicles onto the ferry.

However, the water began to move, and a significant portion of the ice melted away, and the official mining season commenced.

Gold Rush: Alaska has begun, and it has had a lot of changes from the first day.