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Tom Oar’s Health Condition Now – Is He Leaving the Show?

Himal Ale Magar


In the fourth episode of season 11 of Mountain Men, viewers discovered Tom Oar was experiencing some health problems. Tom, who claimed to have always been healthy, made his fans curious about his health status now.

It was stated then that he had been experiencing serious health problems in recent weeks. It turned the trajectory of the life of the former rodeo cowboy, who had a love for strenuous activity. So, what is his health condition now?

Tom Oar Had Complication In His Heart

In the episode titled ‘Heart and Soul,’ viewers discovered Oar was unable to catch his break in the middle of the night. His wife Nancy, who knew the problem was serious, suggested they get the problem checked out, and he also agreed.

Eventually, the couple decided to make the difficult 80-mile trek to Libby to have an official diagnosis. The respective appointment was important as it would determine if Oar needed further medication or surgery.

Tom Oar [Photo: Instagram]

According to the report by Distractify, Oar went through a series of tests. After looking at his report, the cardiologists discovered that his heart was not functioning properly, and his lungs were filling up with fluids.

So, Oar was prescribed medication to help strengthen his heart. Further, he was also instructed to wear a heart monitor to keep track of his condition.

Besides, the cardiologist suggested Oar wear a defibrillator vest in case of an emergency since their cabin was 80 miles from the nearest health clinic.

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Has a Strong Desire to Leave Their Legacy

After his health checkup at the clinic, Nancy said it was a whole new chapter for Oar in his life. Further, she admitted after the decline of her husband’s health, the dynamic between them and their entire routine started to change significantly.

As a result of his health complications, Tom could not perform regular tasks like he did before. Regardless, Nancy was optimistic it would change and hoped Oar’s treatment and medication would bring positive results in the future.

Tom Oar [Photo: YouTube]

So, she believed they could continue living the way they did for the past 40 years. The couple moved to Yaak Valley in 1979 and has lived among the wilderness and thick vegetation ever since.

Oar and Nancy have been living in the valley inspired by nature through crafting and trapping. Besides, the problems with his health have not stopped him from keeping up with the challenges of living in the mountains.

Furthermore, the couple had a strong desire to leave their legacy and knowledge to the next generation.

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Tom Oar’s Whereabouts Now

Before taking to the wilderness of the Yaak River, Oar spent half of his life in a rodeo career. There’s no doubt that he has had an eventful life. In 2017, while sitting for an interview with American Cowboy, he got candid about how he ended up in Montana’s Yaak Valley.

In the interview, he was asked why his lifestyle of living off the land was important to him. To which he revealed that it was not for everyone. He also believed that he was born 150 to 200 years too late.

It was mentioned in the show that his kids wanted him to retire, and he moved in with them in Florida. Besides, despite his success in the show, and his love for the outdoors, Oar expressed he understood the concerns of his children and would consider retiring.

He added, “We can’t keep doing this forever. I keep telling Nancy, one of these days you’ll probably just find me stretched out dead over the fleshing block.”

Regardless of his opinion at the time, Oars stayed in the wilderness until his health problem pushed him to his limits in Season 11 of the show.

Hopefully, Oar has recovered from the complication and is well now. Furthermore, The Western News reported that the star signed autographed rifle for a benefit auction.

According to the report, Oar and his wife Nancy decided to help after learning about Ziva Field. The four-year-old was diagnosed with polycythemia vera, which is cancerous and affects the red blood cells.

The star of the show Mountain Men autographed a Savage Axis 30-06 rifle. It was then donated to help the four-year-old make trips for her treatment.