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QVC’s Host Leah Williams’ Made Changes in Her Lifestyle After Her Weight Gain

Binesh Shrestha


QVC’s Leah Williams learned about her weight gain when she went for her regular annual checkup. The first thing she did was get on the scale like many. As per her, she had never been a skinny person.

However, the number on the weighing scale that day was bigger than it had ever been. It shocked her so much and got her questioning, “Is that what I weigh?”

A Month of Observation

Basically, Leah was mind blown after knowing how many pounds she had gained and thought that was not where she wanted to be.

She even asked her doctor about what was happening and if it was just getting older since she had done a lot to maintain her weight. Afterward, Leah started her weight loss journey.

At first, she decided to track what she was doing and stick with it for a month. During that time, the 62-year-old changed what she ate and how she ate. That also gave her a clear picture of where she was health-wise.

Leah Williams initially observed her weight loss for a month. [Source: Instagram]

Well, she lost some weight during that month. Leah used to weigh herself every week since her body mass would fluctuate every day. The host noticed that she was indeed gradually shedding pounds every week.

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Leah’s Journey from Weight Gain to Loss

After observing the positive changes that occurred during that month and learning it was making a difference, Leah decided to give herself six months. Initially, she was very strict and rigid with herself.

The QVC Program host weighed her food and kept track of what she was intaking every day. She also determined what kind of things she would eat alongside their quantity and was specific about it.

Well, Leah needed to be in that routine and stick to it. Her practice made her easy to manage and figure out what was working and what was not.

During an interview with the QVC Originals, she stated, “If you’re not happy, you cannot make a change, you can figure out what works for you and make a change.” She also revealed that she was feeling better, and one wouldn’t know how much better one can feel until one achieves their goal.

According to her, some of the good things that came with losing weight were sleeping better, being more active, walking comfortably, and mostly fitting into smaller clothes.

Leah was proud of what she had achieved and felt way better now than she had felt previously. Looking at her past photos, she too thinks that she has come a long way.

Leah grew up in California and doesn’t have a single family member who is overweight. Unlike her, her siblings were athletes, while Leah was active enough.

She has had periods where she had a trainer and also went to the gym. Furthermore, it wasn’t the first time she lost weight. Leah previously worked out a lot, ran, and even lifted, but she wasn’t that much of a fan of those sorts of things.

Rather than exercise, Leah enjoys walking and doesn’t mind doing it every day.

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Rumors of Weight Loss Surgery

As people started noticing how slim Leah Williams had become, there were rumors of her going under a knife.

According to Asli Tarcan Clinic, Leah not only had a strict diet and an exercise regimen but also had a weight loss surgery. They stated that she had a Gastric Bypass Surgery.

There are rumors of Leah undergoing surgery to lose weight. [Source: Instagram]

It is a type of surgery where a physician makes changes to the patient’s stomach and small intestine to change the way they digest and absorb food.

Furthermore, there were also users suspecting she had surgery. Unfortunately, she has not come forward and addressed the rumor.

All in all, Leah is enjoying her life at the moment. She has also taken up a new hobby of playing piano.