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Unveiling the Secrets Behind Toccara Jones’ Weight Loss Journey

Dinesh Shrestha


Toccara Jones had a significant weight loss in 2008 while competing with the contestant in the series Celebrity Fit Club.

She reportedly weighed 180 pounds at the time of America’s Next Top Model in 2004. Then she went to Celebrity Fit Club to lose weight.

There, she lost considerable weight, which netizens appreciated. After that, she continuously maintained her body by doing regular exercise.

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How Much Weight Did Toccara Jones Lose?

As she was competing with seven other contestants in the Celebrity Fit Club, she needed to lose weight at that time.

Initially, it was claimed that she was 180 lb in 2003, but unknown how much she weighed while entering the show. During the show, she lost 32 lb to get down to 173 lb. She gained 14lb back and appeared on Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp.

At the end of the series, she reportedly weighed 166 pounds, surpassing her weight loss goal by seven pounds.

Toccara Jones’ body transformation [Photo: Twitter/Wikimedia Commons]

While attending the BET Awards at the Shrine Amphitheatre in Los Angeles in 2008, she completely looked different from previous pictures.

Jones also released her own workout DVD named Toccara’s Fabulous Work-Out for Real Size Women.

Fans Applauded Her Incredible Weight Loss Transformation

The model’s body transformation after weight loss was appreciated by people on Twitter.

One user penned, “Toccara looks really good with the weight loss.” However, one user liked her body before the weight loss.

The user composed, “Toccara’s not fine like she used to be. I liked her before the weight loss!”

Although some people preferred prior weight reduction, the majority preferred physique modification following weight loss.

One user got jealous and penned, “I love Toccara! this weight loss has me jealous!” Another user wrote, “Watching this Toccara show. She really looks good w/ the weight loss.”

Toccara Jones Revealed Her Daily Beauty Routine

While in an Interview with Rollingout, the fashion model shared her beauty routine and her favorite beauty products.

She said she really wished she could shout out the flat irons she bought because she got a really nice infrared (hair tool).

The TV personality added she had natural hair and had been growing her natural hair out for a long time.

Toccara Jones [Photo: Instagram]

Furthermore, Jones continued. “It just gives me a really nice silky press. I don’t know the name of it. I’m sorry but look out for it. I’m sorry, but look out for it. I really like [lashes].”

She stated she was a lash girl, but she might not wear a lot of makeup. Jones detailed, “. I love makeup too, don’t get me started because I will beat this face down, but when I don’t, a nice little skin care is so important.”

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Toccara Jones’ Favourite Beauty Products

“I don’t use any brands because I use more natural stuff,” Toccara clarified at first when asked about her favorite beauty products.

She clarified that she used Aloe Vera, which was really good for the skin.

Further explaining, “You just cut it right down the middle, you want to scratch it a little bit so you can get the gooey stuff activated, and then you can just rub it on your skin; all natural.”

The model also used limes or lemons on her face because it automatically ate up the dead skin. She used avocado, banana, olive oil, and grapeseed oil on her hair.

She made a little mixture putting natural things on her body that she could eat, taste and put on her face, hair, body, and everywhere.

“It’s all-natural,” she stated.