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‘Merlin’ Star Angel Coulby’s Secretive Married Life

Dinesh Shrestha


The 42-year-old actress Angel Coulby has kept her married life secret but eventually revealed that she is a parent.

Coulby, who gained recognition for playing the character Gwen in the BBC fantasy series Merlin, has her personal life shrouded in secrecy, and nobody knows much about it.

While her husband is a mystery to people, she was once rumored to be dating her co-stars of the series.

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Angel Coulby Was Rumored to Be Dating Bradley James

Angel Coulby and Bradley James worked together in the fantasy television program Merlin, released in 2008 for the first time.

The rumors of them dating started after they shared a steamy kiss scene. Perhaps, it was because the actors were true to their characters.

Likewise, Dailymail also reported that Angel and Bradley began dating in 2011. Further adding fuel to the flames, the duo was seen multiple times together, enjoying each other’s company.

In November 2008, Angel was seen enjoying a roller coaster ride with the actor. The duo’s closeness eventually made people think about their relationship.

They had incredible connections both on and off-camera. However, she put the rumors to rest, saying, “You just do it, it’s like another part of the job. And, you know, Bradley and I, we’re mates.”

She added, “So, we just kind of got on with it and did it really. I think Bradley really enjoyed it…”

Later in 2020, it was also reported that Bradley James was in a relationship with Love Island star Maura Higgins.

Reddit Users Claim She Has Been Married Since 2015

Netizens took Angel and Bradley’s relationship on Reddit to discuss whether they were dating.

In the process, one user penned, “No, in 2012, Angel said that they weren’t dating.” Another user replied, “Wasn’t he dating Georgia King as early as 2010 and there’s the video from Tom Hopper’s wedding that came out lately that shows them still together in 2014, I believe.”

All the folks were giving their own opinions, and some of them believed that they were dating.

Angel Coulby and Bradley James [Photo: Facebook]

One netizen composed if it was just a classic case of the play’s characters who were dating in the show might be dating in real life or if they really dated.

“I haven’t heard they are or ever were. But many of the actors from Merlin are private people, so its hard to tell. I mean, people thought Colin and Katie were dating, but it’s not true I don’t think,” the user explained.

One of their followers even said that both of them denied ever dating.

Additionally, the user claimed that Angel was married and had been with her now husband since at least 2015. They have a child together.

As far as the user knew, Bradley was engaged but broke up with her in late 2018, but he was single.

Angel Coulby and Rupert Young’s Dating Rumor

The actress was also reported to be dating Rupert Young, who portrayed the ‘Sir Leon’ character in the BBC drama series Merlin.

Angel Coulby [Photo: Facebook]

In the Alamy picture of 2010, the site mentioned Rupert as her boyfriend. At that time, they were at ‘La Soiree’ featuring the stars of ‘La Clique’ at the South Bank Big Top, London, in November 2010.

Rupert’s fansite also posted a picture of their mentioning that the lovely Angel Coulby and Rupert were out on the town.

Other than that, publications haven’t talked about their relationship, and they have also remained mum regarding the rumors.

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Angel Coulby Revealed that She Became a Parent

In October 2019, the actress posted a two-and-a-half-minute video on her Twitter account talking about the impact of climate change and revealed that she became a parent.

No more details, including the child’s name, date of birth, and father of the kid, have been revealed by her.

In addition to this, she made constant efforts to halt climate change.

She also tweeted in 2021, saying, “It’s time to show real leadership ahead of the global climate conference.”

Furthermore, the 42-year-old actress has not been active on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter since 2021. Thus it has been even more challenging to know about her married life.