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Jordan Beckham Lost Her Dad to COVID-19

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Jordan Beckham lost her dad, Anthony Beckham, amidst the pandemic on August 16, 2021.

With the titled ‘LOSING OUR SUPERMAN: Sharing our covid heartbreak,’ Jordan, her brother Cole Beckham, and her mother Jennifer explained their situation in the twenty-minute youtube video uploaded on September 2021.

Keeping their heart strong, they detailed everything about their circumstances during the pandemic.

The social media personality thought her father would receive treatment and recover in a few days after contracting COVID-19.

However, things took a turn for the worst when her father actually spent 19 days in the hospital and passed out. Almost after three weeks, they documented all the things.

She considered her dad SUPERMAN, whereas her brother cherished him as his best friend.

Jordan Beckham’s Dad Spent 19 Days In Hospital

Jordan’s dad was initially diagnosed with COVID-19 and subsequent Pneumonia in July 2021.

Her dad was a healthy man prior to getting sick from the deadly virus, which eventually got him in the hospital.

The social media personality’s father spent 19 days in the hospital fighting for his life. Sadly, he succumbed to the deadly virus and passed away on August 16.

Jordan shared the heartbreaking news through a monochrome Instagram story where she held her father’s hand for the last time.

She captioned, “Enjoy heaven, daddy. I love you so much. Thank you for everything.”

Jordan Beckham shared heartbreaking news of her dad [Photo: Instagram]

After discovering that her father suffered from COVID, her mom went to the doctor to confirm the diagnosis. Her father underwent the 10-day treatment, but his health didn’t improve.

Even after spending seven hours in the hospital, they sent him home. When the family discerned that the father’s health was deteriorating still, they took him back to the hospital.

This time, the prolonged stay lasted for 19 days ending in the loving father losing his life.

They were trusting, believing, and waiting for him to come out every day. The doctor even said that his health was getting better than before, and coming out. It was a Friday when the doctor said this.

Jordan Beckham and her late dad [Photo: Instagram]

By Sunday morning, the doctors were confident that he was coming out. Suddenly at the end of the day, they told Jordan’s family that he would not make it.

The next morning, her dad passed away.

As previously mentioned, they went to the hospital expecting a speedy recovery—just a few days. After all, they had seen many people going into the hospital and coming out in five days.

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Her Mom Believed Anthony Heard Their Conversation

Jordan Beckham’s brother Cole Beckham and her mom were able to see him for the last time. Anthony wasn’t awake then, but they believed he had heard them while talking.

Cole was on the phone driving home from Miami, which was the only moment they had to say their goodbyes. Anthony wasn’t conscious, but doctors said that the last thing to go was hearing.

Jordan Beckham’s brother and mother [Photo: Youtube/Jordan Beckham]

Therefore, they believe that he heard them while talking on the phone.

When Anthony passed away, they got a call from the hospital at 4:47 morning. The call went unnoticed. About 15 minutes later, they got another call while they were sleeping, and Jennifer picked it up.

After she heard the news, she broke down in tears. Jordan woke up and ran to her mom’s room. Her mother said, “He’s gone,” Jordan just broke down and started screaming.

Cole was sleeping downstairs, and her mom went to wake him up. He didn’t believe it at first, but later when he knew, Cole didn’t talk to anyone for the entire day.

Jordan Beckham Shared a post

One year after her dad passed away, Jordan shared a nostalgic picture of herself with her father. In the lengthy caption, she confessed how much she missed her dad.

“Today marks one year without my best friend. I miss you more and more every single day,” she wrote in the caption. She further mentioned that her dad was the sweetest, most gentle, funny, and down-to-earth man.

Jordan was blessed to call him her daddy. She missed laughing with him, holding his hand, and looking at her platforms with him.

She had accomplished a few things since his passing, but the success was bittersweet since she did not have her dad to share it with.

“You were the best dad in the entire world & I am beyond grateful for the time we DID get,” further mentioned in the caption.

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“But ur very safe in heaven. wish u we’re here to wipe my tears though;,) i love you daddy. i can not wait to hug you again in heaven,” she said to her daddy.