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Roland Welker’s Wife: Unveiling His Love Life

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The winner of season 7 of History Channel’s Alone, Roland Welker’s personal life has intrigued many. His social media speaks lesser volumes about it, and he himself does not reveal much. So, he has everyone asking: Who is Roland Welker’s wife?

Roland often shares his adventures, but he seldom uploads about his love life. However, he mentioned on his website that he had been married once.

Roland Welker’s Short-Lived Marriage with His Wife

Winner of the History Channel’s reality series Alone season seven, Welker had married his high school sweetheart in the early 90s.

On his website, he wrote, “After being home for a year or two, doing the same thing day in day out, there was still a yearning for “more” but what does a young man do when he feels restless?”

He further added, “In this man’s case, I went from wanting “more” to rapidly feeling smothered, as if I were in the ring at a WWF Event, being held in a deathlok.”

Roland went on to add,

“If you haven’t guessed it, I got married to a high-school flame in the early 90’s, which catapulted me to the deep end of the swimming pool. As long as it takes you to backstroke to the shallow end of the pool, I was divorced and reverted to my skill set from childhood, as a heavy equipment operator in the year 1994.”

However, he did not reveal the identity of his former wife. After that, he has no record of marrying other women as of writing.

It’s natural to infer that the reality television star is still focusing on his career since he hasn’t been in a relationship with any other woman.

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Roland Went to the Reality Show ‘Alone’ When He Was 47

Roland Welker was 47 years old when he entered the wildly famous reality show Alone. He cut out over 40,000 applicants and was listed among ten contestants who set out to survive 100 Days in the Canadian Arctic.

From the top 10 competitors, he was able to survive 100 Days in the wild cold place and won the prize money of $1 million.

Roland Welker [Photo: Instagram]

He made history by winning the largest cash prize in the show. In over six seasons, no one contestant had ever lasted that long until him.

Along with the cash award, he also received the titles “The Last Bushman” and “The 100 Day King.” After he returned from the show, he continued his adventures.

The popularity of the show helped him get featured in a number of publications, including the LA Times, CBS, NBC, Chicago Sun-Times, Gunpowder Magazine, USA Radio Network, The Cinemaholic, and many others.

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Roland Welker’s Remarkable Journey: Exploring His Early Life

The reality TV star was born in October 1971 in the Appalachian Mountains of Shiloh, where he learned the surviving skill.

He came from a family background that was built on men who swung axes as loggers and ran heavy equipment as bituminous coal miners.

Together with his older brother James Welker, his father, Ernest L. Welker, ran a pit mine in the Shiloh area’s surrounding hills.

Roland left for basic training in the U.S. Army National Guard after finishing high school. After training, there came a putting time in at the local armory. But soon, he realized that military service was not his calling.

Roland Welker went on a hunting trip to Oklahoma in October 2022 [Photo: Instagram]

Eventually, he decided to make the big move to what he considered “The Last Great Frontier,” Alaska. The reality tv star spent his first winter trapping in Alaska.

Welker thus began the most important adventure of his calling. He has been hunting, trapping, and fishing all across the vast land for the past 28 years.

He is currently living in Red Devil and is considered the foremost hunting guide in Alaska. The reality tv star is active on his social media. He also owns a YouTube channel.