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Quinta Brunson and Her Siblings Have ‘Powerful Names That Carry a Lot of Meaning’

Suyasha Rupakheti

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Quinta Brunson has talked about her siblings and parents in several interviews. As the youngest of her family, she learned the importance of attention and how to get it quickly early on in life.

Also, unlike her name, Quinta’s brothers and sisters have well-thought-out names that have deep meanings.

Quinta Brunson’s Parents Named Her Siblings to Embrace Their Culture

Quinta’s folks, Norma Jean Brunson and Rick Brunson, welcomed her on December 21, 1989, as their youngest child.

The actress grew up with four elder siblings in West Philadelphia. Her elder brothers are Kalid Brunson and Kwei Brunson, and her elder sisters are Kiyana Brunson and Njia Brunson.

Furthermore, the actress’s name means fifth in Spanish, as she is the fifth child of her parents. When Quinta’s parents got married, they vowed to do something radical in their own right. She has talked about it in her book.

At the time, Black Americans were being encouraged to embrace their culture fearlessly by the Black Power movements. So, Norma and Rick did so by naming their kids with a direct African influence.

The Real Meanings of Quinta Brunson’s Siblings’ Names

In her book, She Memes Well, the Abbott Elementary star wrote down why her brothers and sisters carry meaningful names.

Quinta Brunson’s siblings have names with important meanings. (Photo: Instagram)

Quinta’s oldest brother is named Kalid, which is an Arabic name meaning “eternal.” Just like his name, she believes that he is an ever-present figure in her life who survives no matter what.

Then her oldest sister is Njia, whom they call Jia. Her name means “the way” in Swahili. Quinta revealed Njia was the one who forged the way for the Brunson siblings.

Then, Quinta’s sister Kiyana arrived two years after Jia and has a spiritual name that means “light and deity.” The actress believes that the name fits Kiyana because she is the earthiest and most Erykah Bady-ish one in her family.

Then, Kwei, who is two years younger than Kiyana, got the name because of its Ghanaian roots. When Quinta asked her mom the exact meaning of the name, she said, “It’s tied the royalty. And I liked the way it sounded. Why are you asking me this at four p.m. on a Friday?”

First Got Into Comedy to Entertain the People Closest to Her

Quinta, being the youngest and smallest of her family, first got into comedy to entertain those people closest to her. Since all her brothers and sisters were significantly older than me, she wanted to be with them and wanted to connect with them.

That was when Brunson realized comedy was the best thing to do. She felt that in order to be close to her brother, Kwei, who is eight years older than her, making him laugh was the best thing she could do.

Kwei and Quinta used to watch Ace Ventura, and the latter used to say she could also do the talking butt thing if it were something that made him happy.

Explaining to Jennifer Hudson on The Jennifer Hudson Show, the actress revealed, “He really didn’t like me because he was the baby for a long time, and then I came around and he was not happy, So I felt like if I could mimic ‘Martin’ and ‘In Living Color’ that he would like me a little bit more.”

Unsurprisingly, Brunson won her brother over, and they are very close now.

Like Her, Kwei Is Also in the Entertainment Industry

Quinta Brunson is not the only one famous in her family. Her brother has also earned a name and fame as a singer. He is a professional singer for Broadcast Music, Inc.

He has released several songs like ‘Tell Me Who Ya Leavin Wit,’ ‘Language,’ ‘New Slaves,’ ‘Amazin,’ and others.

Before that, he was a Background Investigator at Universal Credit Services and Catering Attendant at Flik Hospitality Group.

However, it is not known what other Brunson kids are up to. Nevertheless, they are active on social media and often celebrate each other’s milestones.