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Everything You Need To Know About Paul Harrell

Prasiddha Gautam


Paul Harrell, the former Marine, Army National Guard, and War Veteran. He and his teams are trying to get education, edification, and useful information about ammunition out to citizens.

The ex-military has a YouTube channel named Paul Harrell, where he demonstrates the use of firearms and hunting techniques. He has been gaining fame as a result of his work.

Protected His Wife From Becoming a Victim

Paul is blissfully enjoying his married life with his wife, Dr. Mary Harrell. Unfortunately, it remains a mystery if the couple welcomed any kids together.

Paul Harrell narrates to his viewers about another camping incident [Photo- YouTube]

The Yakima resident Harrell got embroiled in a shooting incident, and he was even charged. He was accused of shooting a Weston man in November 2007.

On November 25, he allegedly shot and killed Robert Eugene Mills in Troy, Oregon. The alleged shooting took place at the Grizz Flats campground outside of Troy, and the victim was flown to St. Mary Medical Center, where he passed away later.

Harrell was arrested under the suspicion of assault and murder. He was kept in the Umatilla County Jail, and his bail was worth $250,000. Later, he was arraigned, and his charges were reduced to manslaughter.

Fast forward to June 2007, the law enforcers dismissed the charges against him. According to a press release, he stated that he had defended his wife, who was present during the incident.

Paul was free of allegations after the jury returned “Not True Bill.” The press release stated that the charges were dropped after finding “they could not find that the actions of Benjamin Paul Harrell were not justified given the evidence and circumstances of the case.”

The former Navy Says He Got Pancreatic Cancer

In July 2023, Paul conveyed that he was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. To share the news, he uploaded a titled Channel Update on his YouTube channel.

Paul Harrell informs that he got Cancer [Photo- YouTube]

In the video, Harrell didn’t mention when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Moreover, the guy wasn’t even planning to inform his viewers until a lady whom he knew from more than 35 years ago kept stalking him.

He revealed that the old lady was trying to destroy him and the platform he had built with her extensive knowledge in the field of computer-related stuff.

Paul described that the lady was an integral part of his life and knew sensitive details about his life. She had worked for the state and could access records and databases, which was a major problem for Harrell.

With that talent, the lady impersonated Paul numerous times on internet platforms. Also, hacked into his mobile phones and many more. But all of that didn’t affect him.

However, people have deep secrets in their lives, and Paul was no different. He had done everything in order to prevent the information leak but wasn’t successful.

Paul did not want the lady to spread false rumors about his illness, so he had to reveal about it. After Harrell told that information, he made his fans clear, informing them not to unsubscribe as he would put out content as much as he could.

The former navy mentioned that he certainly didn’t need sympathy, empathy, and the healing powers of any crystal or green tea. He also advised his followers to not fall on the hoaxes spread on internet.

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Harrell’s Jacket Collections

Harrell’s coat has been one of the most discussed topics on the internet. In order to answer questions regarding his jacket, he made a video and uploaded it on his YouTube channel.

In the video titled Paul’s Shooting Jacket, Harrell informed that he got his special jacket on E-bay, which is primarily made for bird hunting.

He mentioned that the garment had some great features, such as big pockets, lower pockets, shoulder pads, and a bag in the back of the jacket.

Paul described that he could stuff birds or small-sized creatures that he hunted. He then went on and explain about other versions of the jackets with the price ranges and usability.

Moreover, Paul elaborated that he wore a jacket for some great practical reasons, like how his first-time viewers could recognize him because they remembered his distinct jacket.

Noted in the description in the video, Paul owns a clothing brand where he sells hats, hoodies, belts, slings, & patches.

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Paul Harrell’s Military Career

The 54-year-old spent 20 years in the military career, and in his initial enlistment, he was an active duty Marine Corps for four years.

Paul Harrell pours his medals kept in a small container [Photo- YouTube]

Paul added that he spent a couple of years as a combat marksmanship instructor at the Marine Corps Security Forces School.

So, the former Marine had to go beyond the instructions and education that normal Marines were getting at the time. Thus, in addition to basic training and infantry training school, he also went to a few citizen schools.

Paul further polished his shooting skills at Chapman Academy of Practical Shooting, Gunsight, & Navy’s CRF School.

Then, after that, he went to a Marine Corps school, where he took the formal school instructor course. There, he learned to make class outlines, select tasks for training, create a curriculum, and teach classes.

When Paul got out of the Marine Corps, he joined the Oregon Army National Guard. There, the former navy had to go through some additional training such as air assault school, Master fitness trainer school, and Advanced NCO School.

On top of that, was honoured with six state championships in military shooting. Paul particularly highlighted that he had won international pistol shooting championships.

Paul confirmed that he has the necessary training and skills required to instruct the masses. All in all, Harrell is the greatest of all when it comes to the practical use of ammunition in this world.