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Michael Voltaggio and Bria Vinaite’s Exclusive Wedding with a Singular Friend

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American Chef Michael Voltaggio and his best friend Bria Vinaite married in an Intimate wedding ceremony on November 18, 2022.

The couple shared wedding vows just after six months after their engagement on Vinaite’s 29th birthday in June.

“We have our handful of friends that stay engaged for years, and we wanted to change that narrative,” Voltaggio said.

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Michael and Bria’s Unforgettable Dream Wedding

Michael and Bria wanted to marry at their dream wedding, so they scheduled their own marriage date.

Voltaggio said everyone desired a dream wedding, but all the extraneous details may cause you to lose sight of the true purpose of the event.

Therefore, the couple just focused on their marriage. He added that it was genuinely about just being in love with each other and wanting to be married to his best friends.

To commemorate their wedding, the couple flew to the Four Seasons resort in Maui. The place was Voltaggio’s favorite place on the planet, so it was an easy choice for them.

Michael Voltaggio and Bria Vinaite [Photo: Instagram]

Their wedding ceremony took place at sunset on the breathtaking Wailea Point, which had a backdrop of a lovely turquoise ocean and rich greenery.

Michael and Bria’s Magical Wedding with Their Just One Friend

Michael and Bria wedded in front of just one friend. The couple planned the wedding and tried coordination with the family.

“It just got to be sort of overwhelming,” he explained. The duo did the whole thing, from wedding planners to others.

“We did the whole thing, but it’s just the two of us,” he said.

Michael and Bria didn’t want to marry in a traditional wedding. However, they wanted to keep vows as a classic element.

Voltaggio felt like there was so much meaning behind those vows. So the American chef wanted to make sure that those points were said.

“I genuinely believe I am making that promise to my person,” he explained.

Bria Vinaite Loved an Untraditional Wedding Dress

Vinaite had always loved the untraditional wedding dress. So, she contacted one of her really good friends, Jeremy Scott.

Voltaggio explained that his stuff was super incredible. Typically, he didn’t do bridal, so she was very excited to go on the journey with him and create something special.

She wore a denim corset, a denim miniskirt with a 10-foot train, and thigh-high boots with gold embroidery that Scott crafted for her.

“It’s literally bananas,” she stated.

Michael Voltaggio and Bria Vinaite married in an intimated wedding [Photo: Instagram]

Vinaite was amazed that Jeremy Scott created that look for her. She said that Scott was doing fittings for Fashion Week in Milan at that time.

It was beyond comprehension that Scott’s team was able to execute her wedding dress in such a short amount of time.

Love’s Unexpected Arrival: Bria Vinaite’s Journey to Marriage

The Lithuanian actress was not ready to marry until she met the American chef who changed her thought completely.

Michael Voltaggio wished her on Valentine’s Day by posting their wedding picture [Photo: Instagram]

Before meeting Michael, Vinaite never thought she’d want to get married. She said that he was all of her favorite things in one person.

So, she was just so excited that her best friend was going to be in her life forever. It was a dream come true for the couple.

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Michael Voltaggio Previously Married Kerri Adams

The American chef was married to Kerri Adams before tying the knot with a Lithuanian actress, as per Distractify.

The couple shared two lovely daughters named Olivia and Sophia.

However, the couple’s relationship didn’t work, and split up. Later he dated Sami Miro, a fashion designer and entrepreneur.

“You treat me like a queen and you fill my tummy with the best cuisine. Everyday is Valentine’s Day,” Miro gave him a sweet Valentine’s Day shout-out in a now-deleted Instagram post.

She continued and thanked him for spending seven romantic hours with him at the Apple store. Their relationship also didn’t work out, and they eventually split up.

Now, he enjoys a blissful marital life with his lovely spouse Bria.