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Jy Prishkulnik’s Mother Is One of Her Best Friends

Dinesh Shrestha


Jy Prishkulnik decorated her graduation cap with a collage of all the women who inspired her during undergrad at the University of California in her life. In one of them, she mentioned her mother and described her as a ‘great mom.’

The actress’s mom was there at every moment when she needed.

Prishkulnik’s mom supported her in every way, getting into UCLA. Even after getting there, she and her mom talked for hours when the actress needed to.

Actress Jy Prishkulnik’s mother taught her to read when she was two years old. Furthermore, her mom instilled in her a love of little trust.

Additionally, Prishkulnik posted a peculiar photo of her family on her Instagram and wished her mother a happy Mother’s Day.

Jy Prishkulnik’s weird picture of her family [Photo: Instagram]

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Jy Prishkulnik Grew up with Her Sister Ever Prishkulnik

Jy Prishkulnik and her sister, Ever Prishkulnik, grew up together in her hometown Santa Fe, New Mexico.

However, the two eventually live far apart while she completes college in Ontario, Canada, and pursues acting in Los Angeles, California.

Prishkulnik and her sister have an amazing connection with each other. She also posted a vlog of their shopping in 2020 on her YouTube channel.

Jy Prishkulnik with her sister Ever Prishkulnik [Photo: Instagram]

Moreover, she wished Happy Birthday to her sister on November 2021, posting their picture on her Instagram account.

“Happy borthday leetle seester @everleez ranville Island wasn’t the same without you this year,” she said.

Further, she stated, “Wishing that you enjoy as many popsicles and rollercoasters as your heart desires today, Echar luv you (in voice).”

Actress Jy Prishkulnik Graduated from UCLA in 2021

The Just Beyond star completed her graduation from UCLA in September 2021. She posted a picture from the last class before graduation on Instagram.

The next day, she received an audition request for a live-action musical feature film called Monster High. Months later, she was welcomed on set by a brilliant director Todd Holland and fellow Bruin.

The actress’s time at UCLA was non-traditional. She was a transfer student, a commuter and spent a cumulative of about five and half months on campus before the pandemic sent them all to Zoom.

Prishkulnik completed her entire senior year living in a basement suite in Canada. Despite this, she experienced exponential growth as a Bruin.

Furthermore, she had a full class load and had the immense fortune of auditioning for and booking work. She was amazed at how her academic pursuits frequently complimented her acting career.

The actress also gave an instance – after analyzing and writing about the use of female power as displayed by the infamous witches of Shakespeare’s Scottish play, she got to play a mischievous young witch called Luna in the Just Beyond series.

“There is not enough room here to express all of my praise for and admiration of the remarkable and engaged professors who nurtured interests that forged my path forward (especially my senior honors thesis advisor Professor @joseph.bristow).” she said.

She was a lover of education and the synthesis of storytelling, academics, and the arts. Her experience at UCLA inspired this nebulous aspect of herself.

Jy Prishkulnik Graduated from LAVC with Three Associates Degrees

The popular actress graduated from Los Angeles Valley College with three Associates Degrees—two in Spanish and one in English.

She shared the words of Dwight K. Schrute, “I am ready to face any challenges that might be foolish enough to face me,” and posted her graduation picture on Instagram.

The actress said that she was unsure about her future at that time but noted that she looked ahead boldly.

Jy Prishkulnik completed her graduation from Los Angeles Valley College with three Associates Degrees—two in Spanish and one in English [Photo: Instagram]

“Thank you to all the wonderful people (and puppies) pictured with me, as well as the brilliant photographer @everleez. I can’t imagine where I’d be without your endless support,” she wrapped up the caption.

After seeing her post, one user penned, “So you speak Spanish? You understand me? Congratulations on your graduation; kisses and hugs and blessings to you.” Another user commented, “Congrats, beauty.”

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Went to Red Carpet for the First Time in 2017

Jy Prishkulnik stepped on a red carpet at a young age for the first time back in January 2017. After appearing in several movies, she finally graced a red carpet event.

Flaunting on Instagram, she captioned, “First time on a red carpet was…well..awesome.”

The actress mentioned that she had a great time with Ricky Garcia. She thanked Victoria Vida for the picture and Desx Ramos for doing her makeup.

Jy Prishkulnik went to the red carpet for the first time in 2017 [Photo: Instagram]

Recently in March 2023, she also appeared on the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2023. Prishkulnik also made a funny video and posted it on TikTok, captioning, “Waiting for the Kid’s Choice Awards to start like.”

Jy Prishkulnik Watched Snow White Movie for over 20 Times

When she was growing up, she didn’t really enjoy Snow White movies because her mother always told her she was a “weak princess.”

She didn’t realize until she was doing research for her thesis it was the first color feature line animated film ever in history.

The actress had so much fun analyzing the movie and watched it over 20 times while doing her thesis at UCLA.

She noticed so many details, and it truly made her fall in love with animation because every tiny detail had to be accounted for because it was all drawn by hand.

That made her realize everything was done for a reason in the animated movie. She learned so much from the movie, like fashion in the 1930s, amongst other things.