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Any Chance of LaRoyce Hawkins’ Son Following in His Footsteps?

Prasiddha Gautam


LaRoyce Hawkins is one of those actors who is juggling the acting profession and parenthood. He is a doting dad to his son, Roman, who is growing up having a wonderful time.

LaRoyce never fails to gush about his baby boy on different interviews and social media handles. With his kid growing, fans have one question: Will Roman follow in his dad’s footsteps?

The First Grader Has the Acting Bug Like his Father

Hawkins’s son, Roman Hawkins, AKA Ro, started his first grade in August 2023. Moreover, the little guy is on the second-grade traveling basketball team.

The six-year-old is the youngest one on the basketball team and is admired by his dad. Sports is not the only thing that Roman has a knack for.

LaRoyce’s son, Roman [Photo: Instagram]

Ro is an adaptive kid, as he seems to be following in his father’s footsteps. In July 2023, he won the elementary school theater crowd.

Speaking with US Magazine, Hawkins said, “He definitely has the acting bug.” He revealed that his boy was an entertainer and he stole the show during his first school.

Ro did his own stunts and seemed eager to the world of acting from a young age. He also has a passion for acting, which includes watching his dad on Chicago P.D. at sleepovers.

Furthermore, papa Hawkins revealed that the junior was one of the reasons why he continued to act and why he enjoyed playing such dynamic characters.

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LaRoyce Snapped Cutest Photos of Son on His Birthday

LaRoyce welcomed his baby boy in April 2017 with the baby mama, BT Anderson. The joyous event impacted their lives and made them more vibrant.

The actor and his baby mama have abbreviated their child’s name to Ro. As seen on their Instagram posts, they share about his birthdays and other milestones, calling the short version of his name.

In April 2023, LaRoyce and his baby mama celebrated their kid Roman’s 6th birthday. The actor shared multiple pictures with his baby while he was having a great time at an exciting children’s play-place venue.

He snapped some images of Ro while he was standing in front of balloons, doing some hoola hoops dance with his friends, jumping into some foam blocks, and playing on a swing.

Roman appeared to have a blast with his friend on his birthday. He seems to be growing up having a wonderful time.

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LaRoyce’s Girlfriend

In 2016, Dana Williams of Rollingout stated that his female fans wanted to know if LaRoyce was dating anyone. He revealed that he was dating someone dope and had been romantically involved with one person rather than dating multiple people.

LaRoyce with BT Anderson and her friend [Photo: Instagram]

He also described the attractive traits that a woman must have. Hawkins pointed out the girl has to have a sense of humor to match his energy because he thought that he was hilarious.

The 35-year-old said that it meant a lot to him when he was genuinely humored by the girl he loved. The second thing is that the girl had to have strong faith, and lastly, she should have beautiful feet because LaRoyce has a [expletive] for pretty feet.

While he did not reveal the identity of his partner, after a year, he welcomed his baby boy with BT Anderson. So, who knows, he was talking about Anderson.

The current relationship status of the actor is yet to be revealed to the public. So, until and unless he reveals himself, the love life of Hawkins will always be shrouded in mystery.