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Helaine Lembeck Now Runs Harvey Lembeck Comedy Workshop

Dinesh Shrestha


The American actress Helaine Lembeck used to be on the screen quite often until the mid-1990s. As her appearance on the screen started to be less, people began to wonder if she was alive or what she was doing now.

Helaine enjoys her professional gig apart from acting and spends quality time with her family. Her social media presence is scarce, but some eyes are really keen that her whereabouts have been revealed.

Helaine Now Works as a Teacher and Artistic Director

Lembeck started to work actively as an actress since her debut as Iris in the TV series Insight in 1977. She worked regularly till the mid-1990s and, since then, made appearances only a few times.

To those who are wondering what the beautiful actress is doing now, well, she is currently living in Los Angeles. She teaches comedy acting at The Harvey Lembeck Comedy Workshop, which was founded by her father, Harvey Lembeck.

Lembeck has been working as the artistic director of the workshop for over three decades. After their father’s passing, the actress and her Emmy-winning brother, Michael Lembeck, continued the classes that their old man had started 40 years ago.

She was a longtime participant in the Workshop and worked alongside Harvey there for a while before taking over its management.

Helaine has found herself in high demand as a private coach as a result of her popularity and expertise as both an actress and a teacher.

Helaine Lembeck [Photo: Linkedin]

In 2016, she also announced the return of Comedy Training Weekend, but after that, she hasn’t posted anything on her LinkedIn account.

Talking about her education, she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Arts in Teaching from the University of Washington. In addition, from the same college, she pursued a Bachelor of Education in acting and completed it.

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Helaine Grew Up in an Entertainment Household

The beautiful actress was born Helaine Jo Lembeck on April 16, 1952. She is one of two children of Harvey Lembeck and Caroline Lembeck. Furthermore, she comes from an entertainment background.

Helaine’s father, Harvey, is an actor, and her mom is a dancer. Her dad is mainly known for his comedic roles and also had a brief career as a dancer and radio announcer. He had played different roles in several movies, giving a stellar performance.

Father Lembeck started performing in the hit Broadway play Mister Roberts by Joshua Logan at 25. Harvey worked there for three years. Looking out on his Broadway success, he was offered his first film role by 20th Century Fox.

In 1951, he played in three new movies: You’re in the Navy NowFourteen Hours, and The Frogmen. Over the years, he played in various movies and had a successful career in acting.

Helaine Lembeck’s father, Harvey Lembeck [Photo: Facebook]

But he suddenly felt ill while he was performing in an episode of the comedy show Mork & Mindy in 1982. Soon later, he suffered a heart attack and passed away on the set of the show. He was only 58 years old. 

Talking about Helaine’s mother, Caroline Dubs, was a dancer who used to dance with Harvey on the same dance team. Furthermore, Helaine’s brother is a well-known director who has worked on several projects.

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Helaine Lembeck Is Married to Her Husband William Woff

Helaine Lembeck has been married to her husband, William Woff, since December 1, 1984. The adorable couple has been together for nearly four decades now.

Speaking about her husband, William is an actor at SAG-AFTRA, mainly known for his appearance in Tooth Fairy, The Santa Clause 2, and Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star.

The two met at the improv class for the first time. She was a teacher, and he thought that she was lovely. From there, they started to date. The two also welcomed two children together – one son and a daughter.

Helaine and William’s daughter, Katie Woff, currently works at Wofflebrows, as per her Facebook profile. She has a great relationship with her parents and wishes them on their special occasions like Mother’s & Father’s Day and on their Anniversary.

However, the identity of Helaine’s son remains a mystery. But Katie has sometimes shared pictures with him. Nevertheless, Helaine might be enjoying quality time with her family.