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From Wedding Vows To Stardom: Ben Bailey’s Married Life and Captivating Journey

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The popular stand-up comedian and television show host was married to his wife, Laurence Bailey. Currently, the two are separated. They have been divorced since 2012.

Ben Bailey met his wife Laurence Bailey at Hennesey’s tavern in Morristown in the mid-’90s. Shortly after their first meeting, the pair started dating each other and were in a relationship.

Stand-up comedian Ben Bailey [Photo: Instagram]

After years of dating, Ben Bailey and Laurence Bailey finally married in 1996. The comedian was just 26 years of age when he got married to Laurence. This led Laurence Bailey into the media spotlight with her husband, Ben.

From A Happy Married Life To Divorce

As a young husband, Ben Bailey worked hard and hustled to support his family. He chauffeured and drove limos for over five years.

Meanwhile, Ben used to demonstrate his comedic talents in comedy clubs and small events. The hard work started to bear fruit, and he was able to provide for his family.

Not long after their marriage, the comedian was blessed with a daughter. Ben and his wife named their daughter Emma Bailey.

However, the couple had internal conflicts for undisclosed reasons, which ultimately resulted in their separation.

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Ben Bailey: Early Life And Background

The comedian’s full name is Benjamin Ray Bailey. He was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky, on October 20, 1970. He grew up in Chatham Borough, where he spent most of his teenage years.

Ben graduated from Chatham Borough High School in 1988 and attended Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.

Despite his popularity, he prefers to keep his personal life private. So, most information regarding his family has not been disclosed.

However, it’s revealed that Ben’s mother worked in the career center at Drew University. As for Ben’s father, he worked as an executive for Chase Manhattan Bank.

Origins Of The Comedy Legend

Ben Bailey was the comic relief for his family.

“I was the youngest, so I was not involved in what was going on. So, I tried to lighten the mood by making everybody laugh,” Bailey told The Bradley Scout.

After completing his studies, Ben moved to Los Angeles in 1993. Shortly after, the comedian started his career at The Comedy Store.

Ben Bailey during the shoot of Cash Cab [Photo: Instagram]

He watched other comedians perform and thought he could pursue this career.

“I started watching and I was like ‘Man, I think I can do this. I think this is mine,'” Bailey added.

One day a producer overheard his story on how he moved to L. A and thought he was a talented comedian. As a result, Ben Bailey was offered a spot on the show Skip E. Lowe.

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From Comedy Clubs to Game Show Fame

After completing two comedy specials in The Comedy Store, Ben was able to land a hosting job on the show Cash Cab. The comedy game show was streamed on Discovery Channel, where Ben drove contestants in a taxi cab, asking them trivia questions for prizes.

For his spectacular performance in Cash Cab, Ben won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Game Show Host in 2010, 2011 & 2013. The comedian also narrated Dіѕсоvеrу Сhаnnеl’ѕ ѕеrіеѕ Ѕmаѕh Lаb and hostedWho’ss Still Standing from 2011 to 2012.

Apart from hosting and stand-up comedy, Ben acted in films, including Bad Parents andDon’tt Shoot the Pharmacist.