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Steph Pappas Broke up with Her Boyfriend Ross Smith

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It might not be surprising to many, but Steph Pappas has already broken up with her boyfriend. The beautiful YouTuber was previously dating Ross Smith, a social media star.

Steph confirmed being ‘indeed single’ in one of her YouTube videos. What could be the reason behind the fallout?

Broke up a Forever Ago

In May 2022, Steph Pappas stated she didn’t have a boyfriend. Many people were unaware of her relationship status before her confirmation.

She revealed in the video that she broke up in 2021 and kept it a secret.

It is not known who she is dating at the moment. She further added that if she started dating someone, she didn’t know how much she would put it on social media.

Steph went on to add that although she enjoyed sharing on social media or filming with the person, she believed it was not good to have everything on social media.

Since people wouldn’t post all about their relationship, many might assume that everything was going well. Then when a couple part ways, people would ask what happened. Steph mentioned stuff did happen, but not everyone posted everything.

The actual reason behind their breakup hasn’t been revealed yet. Though folks on Guru Gossip have stated that the former couple parted ways largely due to their age difference.

Well, Ross is aged 30, whereas Steph is 23 years old.

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Who Is Steph Pappas’ Ex-boyfriend?

Just like Steph, her former partner is also a social media star. Ross Smith is mostly known for his comedy videos alongside his grandmother Pauline Kana.

Ross eventually rose to popularity from Vines. He had over 250K followers during the time of its shutdown. Nevertheless, he has now amassed more followers.

Over all of his social media handles, Ross has 23.8 million and 3 million followers on his TikTok and Instagram, respectively. In addition, he has over 3.56 million subscribers on his YouTube, 2.1 million more than Steph.

While many might not know this, Ross previously played football. He was pretty good at college football and even was a three-year starter at the University of Dayton. He later signed with a professional team in Germany.

Rarely Posted about Her Ex-partner

As Steph herself has said, people don’t post everything on social media. Some only posted titbits about their relationships. When Steph and Ross were together, they, too, didn’t share a lot about their relationship.

The only time Step posted about Ross was back in August 2021. She uploaded some photos of the former lovebirds enjoying a trip together to a waterfall. Her caption was “My person,” followed by a love emoji.

Steph Pappas and her then-boyfriend Ross Smith. [Source: Instagram]

Even at that time, many of her followers were still asking if they were dating.

Apart from that, Steph has also included her ex-boyfriend in some of her YouTube videos. She once shared the pair’s night routine as a couple. However, it was not sure if they were living together.

Alongside that, the now-broken-up pair have also featured together in one of Steph’s vlogs, where they travel to Mexico. And in another video, she pranked Ross saying she was pregnant.

Many of their followers always had mixed reactions. While some said they were couple goals, others didn’t adore the pair that much.

In conclusion, no matter the reason, Steph and Ross are happy in their own life. Just like the beautiful YouTuber once said, she didn’t need a boyfriend because she had food.

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More about Steph Pappas

For people who don’t know, Steph Pappas is a well-known influencer. She has a massive fan following on all of her social media handles.

She is also a huge foodie, and her main YouTube channel consists of tons of food-related content. The vlogger has multiple Instagram accounts where she posts about her life and the delicious foods she enjoys.

Steph Pappas is a foodie. [Source: Instagram]

Alongside food, Steph also loves her two French bulldogs, whom she has named Hershey Pappas and Mochi Pappas.

Sadly, her father, John Pappas, passed away in 2022. The same year, she also lost her bulldog, whom she had named Cookie.