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Is Annette Badland’s Weight Loss Natural?

Dinesh Shrestha


Long-time fans of the 72-year-old actress Annette Badland have noticed her significant weight loss transformation—more so over the last two decades.

Spending most of her life in the scope of unforgiving camera lenses, Badland wanted to lose weight to better her prospects as a lead love interest.

Over the years, she has tried both conventional and unconventional means for her weight loss, and with her reeling back into the public sphere with Ted Lasso, people can appreciate her efforts.

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Annette Badland’s Had Gone Through Acupuncture Technique

In an interview with Birmingham Post in 2004, Annette admitted that she had once gone through acupuncture to help to lose weight.

“I’ve been a pin cushion for years,” the actress said cheerfully. Further, she explained that in the 1970s, it was considered strange, but the reputation for the unorthodox treatment had aged well over the years.

Annette admitted to receiving acupuncture at least once a month to feel more centered.

She said that the professionals that administered the treatment listened to her pulse and then put needles in appropriate points to stimulate whatever was wrong.

Annette Badland had once gone through acupuncture to help to lose weight [Photo: Insagram]

“I’ve had then on the top of my head and in the ends of my toes, which is very painful!” Annette shared.

The 72 years old actress stated, “Here’s an energy point between your thumb and index finger, putting needles in your ear lobes is supposed to make you happier, and behind your ankle bone is good if you’re tired.”

From Acupuncture Annette Nearly Lost Three Stones

In the same interview, the actress said that she nearly lost three stones with the help of the traditional Chinese acupuncture procedure.

Annette also said that she had stopped getting acupuncture in the interview. Instead, she started to use a more natural technique—exercise.

Annette Badland answering fan questions during a group panel at the Sasnak City Outlander convention on 17 November 2018 [Photo: Wikimedia Commons]

“I don’t use it to lose weight now. My acupuncturist says I can’t do much to change my metabolism, and this is my weight,” she said in the interview.

Further explaining that “I try to stay fit and healthy. I swim and surprised people in the last series of Cutting It when I did the disco-dancing scene which ended with the splits.”

Annette Uses Natural Techniques To Lose Her Weight After 2004

Since 2004, she stopped getting acupuncture and began to keep fit with natural techniques swimming, and exercising.

After years of effort, her figure is now drastically slimmer and appears different. So much so that even her newer fans began taking notice.

The actress’s hard work and dedication eventually paid off. Previously, her size did affect the roles that she got because she wanted to play more lead roles and play the love interest.

Annette explained that beautiful actresses who were desirable in their 20s could be spent by their 30s. Albeit, she was still thankful for the roles she had received.

Annette Badland, after weight loss [Photo: Instagram]

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Annette Met Her Partner In 1979

In the same interview, Annette discussed her love journey with her partner. Initially, her partner, actor David Hatton met in 1979 when she lived in London.

The actress was on stage, and David was in the audience. He instantly fell in love with her over the footlights.

David kept coming back to see her. It was romantic, but she had no intention of marrying him. She said that she wanted to be Annette Badland, not Mrs. Hatton.

Annette was a car mechanic’s daughter born in Birmingham and grew up on Pershore Road. Later, when she was 13, her family moved to Tamworth.

The actress rose her fame in the TV detective series Bergerac. After that, she worked on several movies and TV series.