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Montana Tucker Often Teases Her Relationship

Binesh Shrestha


From telling Bruno Mars is her husband to asking Theo James to marry her, Montana Tucker sometimes pokes into her love life, making her fans curious.

Well, there was one instance where she even introduced her boyfriend.

Montana’s Introduction of Her New Boyfriend

In May 2019, Montana introduced Limbani as her new boyfriend to her millions of followers. She had posted a series of photos asking her fans to choose their favorite.

The first photo was of the duo about to kiss, and the rest were of them having a good time.

Well, Limbani is a well-known chimpanzee currently at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation. It is not your regular chimpanzee and is a social media star with over 797K followers on Instagram.

Eventually, that wasn’t the first time Montana tricked her fans. In December 2010, she tweeted, “In case you missed it last night, look at me and my boyfriend,” only to have shared a photo of her with her cute little dog.

Oftentimes, the 30-year-old has stated that boyfriends were overrated and music was her boyfriend. Considering how much she loved dancing, that was, in fact, true.

All in all, there are not any confirmed relationships of Montana. But, according to Who’s Dated Who, she was rumored to have dated Tequan Richmond, Adam Sevani, and Chris Brown.

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Revealed She Was Married to Music

Ever since becoming a well-known performer, there have always been questions surrounding Montana Tucker’s relationship.

However, she has never come forward and confirmed if she is dating anyone or has ever dated anyone. Moreover, she has always been making fun of her love life from the very beginning.

According to one of her old tweets, Montana was neither single nor taken but was married to the music.

Montana Tucker is married to music. [Source: Twitter]

As stated above, Montana had asked Theo James to marry her. Further, she had also stated she and Taylor Lautner were getting married.

It won’t be wrong to assume that the talented dancer has high hopes for marriage. She finds it beautiful to see an older married couple who still hold hands and express their love for one another even after so many years.

Could it be the influencer is looking for something like her grandparents, who were in their 80s and had been married for over five decades, and were still in love?

Not long ago, the singer posted a photo in a wedding dress with the caption, “Marry me?” While there were many wanting to be her husband, some were saying no.

Montana Tucker is yet to marry. [Source: Instagram]

Plus, she also uploads videos with many famous children dancing, which might have left fans guessing if they are her son or daughter.

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More about Montana Tucker

The beautiful dance, Montana, was born in Boca Raton, Florida, on January 18, 1993. She started very young. While being a model at 8, she appeared in commercials for BMW, Sketchers, Ovaltine, and Wendys.

She was part of E-Venture Kids, a kids’ show alongside Ariana Grande and Matthew Underwood which aired on the PBS network. Montana also showcased her performance in many Telemundo shows, such as The Roof and Que Pasa USA.

Well, she was also a backup dancer for Ashanti and Ashley Simpson in her early teenage year.

Alongside dancing, she is also interested in singing. Montana started her singing carer in 2007 as a solo singer. Her debut public performance was at the 2007 Super Bowl’s VIP NFL party.

The gorgeous lady has done opening acts for top artists, including Lil Wayne, Ciara, Flo Rida, and Pitbull.

Alongside that, Montana brought holocaust awareness to a younger generation.

Hopefully, the multitalented star will find someone who is good enough for her and eventually share the news with her massive fan following.