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Mike Posner Is Not Gay, Previously Had a Girlfriend

Binesh Shrestha


Mike Posner has had girlfriends in the past. Plus, there was a time when the singer did not date any women for seven years. Which might be why people wondered if he was gay.

He has talked about his girlfriend in his song albums. While his past relationship is kind of like an open book, what about his current lover?

Mike’s Ex-girlfriend Is in His Album A Real Good Kid

While giving an interview with Forbes back in January 2019, Mike Posner opened up about his break up. Since it was during the time when he was working on his upcoming album, some of his songs are about the stuff that had happened in real-time.

As per him, it was a deep, deep relationship. Even if the former pair parted ways, Mike had to be in the studio the very next day as he had a day on the books.

Mike Posner parted ways with his former partner before Avicii’s death. [Source: TikTok]

When asked if his former partner knew if she was in the album, Mike replied yes. He further added there was nothing bad about her in the album and in life as well. He loved her, and it was mostly about how he felt after.

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Poured Out His Feelings in Song ‘About You’

As stated above, Mike’s former partner is in his album A Real Good Kid. One of its songs, ‘Song About You,’ is a break-up song, and the title itself gives it away. Rather than talking about her, the musician refuses to think about his lost lover.

Ironically, the first line of the lyrics reads, “I don’t wanna write no song about you.”

Well, after their relationship ended, Mike literally could not be in that house anymore. Since everything reminded him of her, he packed up his van, either stored or donated the rest of his stuff, drove into Colorado’s mountains, and resided there for a long time.

Could it be they were living together?

Considering how Mike cried sometimes when he was all by himself, he must have had so much love for her.

Had Gone on a Date with an American Actress

If one is a well-known celebrity, then it is no surprise to date another celebrity. When Mike was 23, he went on a dinner date with the beautiful actress Emily Osment. The former pair had gone to the Red O Restaurant in Los Angeles on May 31, 2011.

Unfortunately, it is now known how long they dated one another or if it was just a one-time thing.

Mike Posner had once gone on a date With Emily Osment. [Source: Twitter]

As of now, Emily is engaged to her boyfriend, Jack Anthony, an American singer and songwriter. The Hannah Montana star announced the good news on her Instagram page.

As mentioned above, Mike did not go on a date for seven years. He used to hook up on the road and thought that would what his relationship with women was supposed to be.

The lyricist revealed this detail when he was on a podcast with Logan Paul. After hearing Mike’s statement, the now-wrestler suggested he find a lovely woman who has had experience before and be in a healthy relationship with her.

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Is Mike Posner Bis*xual?

The speculations surrounding Mike Posner being a bise*ual started after he released his book, a poetry collection titled Tear Drops and Balloons.

There is a poem titled A Song With Pitbull, which has one line, “I want to have s*x with men and women I haven’t met yet.” Furthermore, there is another poem titled i suck at girls. Most people hadn’t paid any attention to the lyrics when the book was published.

However, it caught attention after he released an audiobook of his novel.

Well, there will always be confusion regarding Mike Posner’s se*ual orientation until and unless he himself comes forward and clears the doubts.

All in all, it is not known if Mike is currently engaged with anyone. Could it be he is looking for something like what his parents had, as they were married for more than three decades?

Plus, he was not looking for a celebrity girlfriend but rather a normal one.