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The First Child of Chris and His Wife Jazz Was an Accident

Suyasha Rupakheti


Having met at a bar called Place to Beach on Coney Island, Chris DiStefano and his wife, Jazzy DiStefano, had no idea that their life was going to change for good.

Right after their second date, Chris’ spouse got pregnant with their first child. While she thought she would abort and even informed him about her decision, life had other plans for them.

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Chris and Jazzy’s First Pregnancy Was Unplanned

A week after meeting at the bar, the duo went on their first date. On their second date, they had their intimate moment. He talked about the experience in the Howie Mandel Does Stuff podcast.

That’s when Chris’ lover became pregnant with their first kid together, and it was totally unplanned.

After she learned about her pregnancy, she flew to Tampa, Florida, where he was doing a show at a comedy club called Slide Splitters.

Jazzy’s beau was happy to see her, who at the time had done numerous shots by the time he came off the stage. Then, they left for his room.

When they arrived, Jazzy went to the bathroom.

While Chris thought she was undressing and was excited about what he thought would be another intimate night, she came out fully cloth with a positive pregnancy test in her hand.

Jazzy then revealed the reason behind coming to Florida.

Chris DiStefano’s Wife Wanted Abortion

After coming out of the bathroom with a positive pregnancy test in her hand, Jazzy told Chris that she wanted an abortion.

She asked for his support while undergoing the process and thought it was best they ended their relationship afterward.

Jazzy initially wanted an abortion. (Photo: Instagram)

Jazzy further added that she already had a son from a previous relationship, and he respected her then-desired choice.

Furthermore, Chris offered to sponsor the medical procedure and provide emotional support. He also assured her that if she decided to continue the pregnancy, he would be a present father.

Since the comedian was in his 30 and had come to that conclusion because he felt his career and life were progressing steadily. And, thus the couple decided to become parents.

In 2015, Chris’ first child with Jazzy, Delilah DiStefano, arrived.

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The Couple Is Raising Three Kids Together

Chris and Jazzy’s first child is Delilah. The couple also has a daughter, Violette DiStefano, whom they welcomed in 2021.

Chris Delilah’s wife has a son, Tristan, from her previous relationship. Tristan was three years old when his mom met the comedian.

The family of five enjoys blissful times, and Jazzy often shares pictures of them on social media.

Had an Interesting Meet-Cute

The parents of three, Chris and Jazzy, met for the first time in 2014. As mentioned earlier, their encounter took place at the bar named Place to Beach on Coney Island.

Chris DiStefano was smitten the moment he saw Jazzy. (Photo: Instagram)

The moment Chris saw her, he was struck by the beauty of his would-be wife, who was enjoying herself and dancing. So, he decided to approach her.

As he reminisced about the time of their encounter on Howie Madel Does Stuff, Chris said, “I walked up to her […] and I was like, ‘I’m a Salsa instructor,’ and she was like, ‘Do a move.’ And I was like, ‘I have a kidney issue.’ And she was like ‘You have a kidney issue?’ And she started laughing and was like ‘you’re an idiot,’ and I was like ‘si.”

When Did The Couple Tie the Knot?

As of June 2023, it has been almost a decade since the couple got together. They now raise three adorable children together.

Talking about their marriage plans, it remains a mystery when they did. They have never been transparent about their wedding date.

While Chris has often addressed Jazzy as his spouse, not much is known about their marriage event. They enjoy time with their children.