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Cathe Laurie and Her Sisters Rebelled against Their Parents

Himal Ale Magar


Before her journey in the Jesus Revolution, Cathe Laurie and her sisters went through a rebellious phase as teenagers against their parents.

At the time, the Bible teacher stopped bonding with her father and mother and listened to music by Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and Janis Joplin.

Cathe Spent Most of Her Time Abroad with Her Parents

Born in Long Beach, California, Cathe spent most of her childhood with her sisters in Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

Her father’s name is Dick Martin, who worked as a marketing analysis manager with the oil company Esso. Eventually, the firm became Exxon after its transition throughout the years.

Cathe Laurie Father Dick Martin [Photo: Instagram]

Her father is a man of polished and dignified manners who was stunned when his daughter was involved in the Jesus Revolution.

When Dick came to visit them at the Calvary Chapel, he was brought to tears when he witnessed the worshipping of God by the hippies.

Unfortunately, Cathe’s mother has already passed away. In a February 2018 post, she revealed that it would have been her 92nd birthday and Cathe would send her hundreds of roses if she could.

She does not miss the opportunity to express her gratitude towards her. In one such instance, Cathe wished her mom on Mother’s Day, stating how much she missed her. She also mentioned her godmother and her mom’s sister, Betty, who, too, has already passed away.

Cathe Laurie’s Mother [Photo: Facebook]

One thing Cathe’s mother taught her was ‘Whos’ makes their lives happy rather than ‘Whats.’

Besides, Cathe and her parents spent most of their time overseas, living comfortably with nannies, servants, and a chauffeur.

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Cathe and Her Sister Went on a Date Night with Her Husband

Greg Laurie’s wife was fourteen, while he was seventeen when they first met. During their encounter, Greg recalled that her big eyes and brown eyes mesmerized him.

Cathe was sitting with her sisters at the time, whom Greg assumed to be her friends. Eventually, the future Senior Pastor introduced himself to Cathe, and she introduced him to her sisters, Dodie Walker and Mary Louis.

Further, he asked her to go with him for dessert and coffee, which she agreed to. Cathe was accompanied by her two siblings, who piled on Greg’s champagne Corvair.

cathe -laurie-and-her-sisters
Cathe Laurie And Her Sisters [Photo: Instagram]

One thing led to another; the couple is now married for 50 years as of this writing. Moreover, the Bible teacher’s bond with her sister is as strong as it was before.

For instance, after the COVID-19 pandemic, the three gathered to visit their Nanny, who took care of the Martin kids.

Similarly, Cathe celebrated the birthday of her sister Mary in December 2022 with Dodie at the Katella restaurant.

Besides, the relationship between the sisters and their parents was also evidently strong as Cathe and Dodie went to see their mother, who was recovering from a nasty fall.

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She Has a Loving Family

Cathe and her husband Greg have two sons, Jonathan and Christopher. Sadly, Christopher died in a traffic accident in July 2008.

The 33-year-old Christopher Laurie, who had several traffic violations, died when his vehicle collided with a Caltrans truck on a freeway.

Cathe remembers her son and has included him in her prayers throughout the years.

Apart from their two sons, the couple has two daughters-in-law, Brittni and Brittany, and five grandchildren. They are named Lucy, Stella, Rylie, Christopher, and Alexandra.

cathe-laurie-with-their Grandchilldren
Cathe Laurie With Their GrandChilldren [Photo: Facebook]

The family lives happily together, with Cathe and Greg working in the ministry for over 50 years. Further, the couple also enters their 50th year of marriage in 2023.