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A Look into Brendan Penny’s Private Marital Life with His Wife

Binesh Shrestha


Brendan Penny’s on-screen relationship has been very much transparent to his fans. However, the actor hasn’t opened up much about his marital life with his wife off the screen.

Furthermore, he is also a father of two kids. So, who’s the lucky lady in his life?

Who Is Brendan Penny’s Wife?

The Whistler star has been enjoying a blissful marital life since August 2010. He is married to a lady named Lisa Gerrard.

The lovebirds exchanged marital vows in Okanagan. It is situated in interior British Columbia. Their lovely wedding was held in summer at a family friend’s place.

They allowed Brendan and Lisa to get married at their house. The adorable pair had an intimate marriage ceremony right on the river. The actor exclaimed it was beautiful and he was really fortunate.

Unfortunately, Brendan doesn’t share a lot about his conjugal life. He previously shared witty tweets about his wife with his fans.

It is still evident from the few snippets of his partner that the lovebirds enjoy one another’s company.

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Tweets About Moments With His Wife

Although Brendan has not revealed much about his wife, he never fails to tweet or post about her. He tweeted in September 2016 that she surprised him with Louis CK’s tickets for his Vancouver show.

In a rare turn of events, Brendan wished his wife Lisa on their 7th wedding anniversary in 2017, stating it surely ain’t easy with him.

Besides that, his first Instagram post is a screenshot of a conversation between him and Lisa. It looks like he lovingly called her Babers.

The message was short, where she stated that she would go to bed with bubs, the house was messy, there was no food, and she didn’t care to which he replied, “Ha. Ok. I love you.” Well, Brendan doesn’t seem to be the only one with a good sense of humor.

As stated earlier, the handsome actor doesn’t share a lot about his better half. So it is difficult to know in which career she is engaged. There are multiple sites, though, which have stated that she is a marine biologist.

Nonetheless, Lisa is not to be mistaken for another celebrity named Lisa Gerrard, who is a musician, composer, and singer from Australia.

Proud Father of Two Children

Alongside being married, Brendan has already embraced fatherhood. As aforementioned, he has got two lovely children with his wife.

Lisa first gave birth to a daughter, then they welcomed their son later on. Though he at times shares photos of his offspring, he has refrained from revealing their names.

The only photo he has ever uploaded of his daughter was back in May 2015. The little curly blonde girl was wearing a big sun-glass almost covering her entire face.

Brendan Penny’s adorable daughter. [Source: Twtitter]

Nevertheless, even if The Wedding Cottage star doesn’t share their photos a lot, he does at times share funny instances he has encountered with his kids.

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Shares Funny Instances He Encountered with His Family

In a funny tweet, Brendan revealed that his daughter once head-butted his eye and told her mother that daddy punched his face.

She also presented her father with hoop earrings with witches inside since Brendan’s elder one had once seen a snap of him with earrings when he was 17.

Brendan’s baby girl also seems to be interested in arts knowing he once made an art station for her.

Besides acting, the 44-year-old is also into photography. The artistic genes surely run in the family.

While the only photo he has uploaded of his son was back in May 2015 on Twitter. Considering the tweet’s caption, it seems like Brendan couldn’t stop himself from sharing how adorable his little boy looked with a headphone.

Brendan Penny with his son. [Source: Twitter]

Keeping in mind it has already been eight years since those tweets, both of them must have grown up a lot now.

Hopefully, Brendan will share much more about his family in the upcoming days and introduces his wife and children to his massive fan following.